Surprise You Are A Mom !: October 2013


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pet Are Part of the Family

One thing pet owners have to remember that pets are affected by any change. Sometimes it's good change like bringing home your new baby or a bad changing saying goodbye to a furry friend. All animals react differently to any change. 
As you know we had to surrender our dog, Harvey, at the animal shelter. It was very emotional to me to let him go. I could just imagine what he went through after I left him. We have 4 cats but one furry friend we forgot was really close to Harvey. The other three I think were glad that the dog was gone. But our cat, Maddie, got into a sort of depression I would say. We didn't notice it until we were back from our trip. She lost a lot of weight. Normally she is social and walks around. When we arrived we founded her in one of our drawers. Don't know how she managed to get there. But she has a bad habit to opening doors. So this didn't really surprise me that she did this. 
This our adorable cat, Maddie!
Of course this concerned us tremendously! Feeling her all bone-y was shocking. Then I remembered a couple of years back when one of our other cats, Inque, was in a depression cause we moved to Orlando and left her with my father-in-law. At that time we thought she was a perfect fit with him cause she would always hang out with him even when we were there. 
But with Maddie she lost her furry friend Harvey and then about 2 weeks after we all leave for our trip. We were gone almost 2 1/2 weeks. From Maddie's perception it could of looked like we abandoned her. 
Once we got settled back home. We made sure she felt loved. We bought her some tasty treats and allowed her to hang out in my daughter's room. We even gave her own food and water bowl. She is eating a little more everyday. It's going to take time like it did with our other cat, Inque. 
This was reminder that any pet are emotionally connected to their family. Sometimes life gets in the way but just because they can't really communicate their feelings doesn't mean you forget them. 
One of the positives of Maddie hanging out more in my daughter's room is now that she starting to grow more attached to her. It's amusing to hear her ask for her. She even "plays" with her. Maddie just looks at her and just lays next to her. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Realizing we need to move...

When we arrived back from our trip. I have to say I felt cluster phobic in our apartment.
Yeah, before I thought we had a good amount of space. But after experiencing staying in a more spacious home it hit us. That included my husband. We need more space.
A couple of months ago I posted that we are in a home owner journey. That journey has been postponed. There we a few things that were holding us back on purchasing a home that we really, really , really loved. Over the summer we purchased a car. It was more out of a need to purchase a reliable car. We are still paying it off. And hopefully by next year this good history of car payments can benefit us in the future. 
My husband and I were talking of whether we should rent or buy a house next year. If we do end up renting we are thinking of renting a house. The only downside of that is that we would limited of which homes to rent since we have pets. I'm a little nervous of renting from a home owner. We never rented a house before. It has always been apartments. We are leaning more towards a home because our apartment complex is being taken over by a new company. We have a feeling that next year's lease would be raised a substantial amount that wouldn't be worth it.  For the time being we have to wait. My husband and I are going to start really searching for a new home starting in January 2014. That way this would give us enough time for construction to start if we were to purchase a new-construction home. 
We will see what the future holds.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Getting back to Potty Training

A couple of days before we left Ft Lauderdale, I had to purchase another pack pull-ups. I found them on the clearance section. I honestly didn't care if these were designed for boys. Who was going to know besides me ? I did try to find the pink ones but there was only 4t/5t size. So that definitely wouldn't work. I was very impress about these pull-ups. They were the name brand ones. And I can see why people will spend a little bit more money on them. There was no leakage. and the sides doesn't come with detachments.
Will I purchase these? Yes, if they are on sale or they are the only ones available at the store. There some good ones out there like the Toys R Us brands that are more affordable. 
During the last week in Ft Lauderdale I kind of gave up on potty training. I know it is not the right mentality. My thought was why waste all that energy and time on potty training than just spending it with family that we don't get to see throughout the year.
This resulted a negative effect once we were back home. The first couple of days my daughter would not use the potty not even for peeing. It felt like we were back to square one. I had to keep reminding her. Taunt her with the rewards. At first I personally didn't want her to eat M&M's every time she goes to the bathroom so I tried bribing her with stickers. After a few tries with the sticker reward I started reminding her about the M&M's. That pretty much did the trick. She barely has any accidents peeing. And she enjoys the rewards stickers and 1 M&M per potty usage makes it very effective. Like before she always has a hard time doing poopsies but that is another hurdle we will overcome. 
Hopefully this next week we can have zero peeing accidents. 
::Crosses fingers::

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A few places to go

There are so many places to go and things to do when you are down in South Florida! 
Majority of the time we were with family but there were a few times I went out. 
If you love local art on walls then Wynwood Art District is a great place to go. The weekend I went with my sister and best friend wasn't the big weekend that is known as "ArtWalk". So most of the galleries were closed but some bars were open and I did get a chance to see some art. If you are down in Miami during the second Saturday night of every month that is when ArtWalk takes place. During those times I am told the streets, bars and galleries are jammed packed.
If you want to go out dancing and have an amazing view of Miami then you should go to Club 50 or what is now called FIFTY Ultra Lounge.This club is located in the financial district of Miami which is Brickell. I usually go with my girlfriends and have a great time. But this time around we weren't able to go due the crazy rainy weather we were having. It bummed me out a little that we weren't able to go but I did get to hang out with my best friend either way :-)
I also did a quick visit at Key Biscayne where my Abuelita currently lives. There are plenty of beaches there and there is a dog beach too! Be advised to get there you have to pay toll to enter Key Biscayne. But the view of Miami on the Rickenbacker Causeway is gorgeous! Not only do they have beaches to visit but they have a well known bike trail called Virginia Key Mountain Bike Trail. I have a couple of friends who go through this trail weekly. 
A beautiful view from Rickenbacker Causeway at Key Biscayne
And another gorgeous view from Key Biscayne
One place I wasn't able to go was to the Knaus Berry Farm. I don't think they were open when I was down there. They are only open certain months out of the year. I have say that they have the yummiest cinnamon rolls! They are located a little out of the way but those rolls are worth it! 
While I was in Ft. Lauderdale, we had Kilwins ice cream and purchase a couple of pounds of their tasty fudge. You should of seen my daughter's face completely covered of ice cream. Not only do they have great ice cream but their location is conveniently minutes away from the beach! How great is that?!
Loved the packaging! So simple. Loved even more what was inside :)
My mother-in-law's apartment was about less than a mile from Commercial Boulevard (in Ft Lauderdale). One day we walked with my mother-in-law and my daughter (With no stroller I should add) to meet up with my husband's cousin. Unfortunately, my husband wasn't able to come with us cause he was busy working from back at the apartment. We, girls, ended up going the Village Grille for dinner. When we arrived they were having half priced sushi. This was great so we ordered a couple of rolls and a bottle of wine. Since we were sitting outside on bar stools my daughter wasn't really enjoying sitting on them nor was she really into the sushi. Good thing I packed her some food just in case! After dinner we walked back and that included my daughter too. She was so tired by the end of the night that she just changed to her PJ's and went straight to bed that night. 

Growing up in Miami I have always loved going to South Beach. The view of the beach is breath taking. But over the last few years I have grown to love Ft Lauderdale beaches too! From personal experience they are not as chaotic to find parking for the beach and seem to have a more calmer atmosphere. Mind you if you are down in South Florida for any major holiday it would be extremely busy whichever beach you go to. 
On Commercial Blvd, Ft Lauderdale. Looks like a post card doesn't it? lol

Monday, October 21, 2013

Our trip

We loved seeing our family. My husband on the other hand didn't really get to experience as much. He was stuck working most of the time. We thought he would be able to take his vacation but that is postponed yet again! In all honesty it sucks. But what can I do? There were a few times he was able to get out and hang out. But he went back to work after. 
There was one day where he was fed up and decided to take a break and go down to the pool. We literally were there 5 minutes. And of course South Florida weather decided to be bipolar and start raining. My husband commented, 'No one wants me to take a break and relax.' I was determined for him to enjoy a little bit of family time. I made him wait till it passes which it did. Instead of going to the pool we opted to the hot tub. It was way better than the pool. It really relaxed my husband. A little too much that he didn't feel like working. But he ended up going back to work anyways. 
You can't really tell from this picture but it's raining.
We only stayed a few days in Ft Lauderdale. My husband had to go to Miami Beach for a work event for a whole week. That meant my daughter and I wouldn't be able to stay with him. So we went to Miami to stay with my parents. 
We had a chance to celebrate my brother's birthday, see cousins that I haven't seen in a while and hang out with friends. My daughter loved staying with my family. She was able to go and play in the backyard and hang out with my cousins that are closer to her age. 
The first few days we spent at my parents, my daughter got a little sick. This happened last year too. I gave her some medicine and she was fine in a few days. 
Before we knew it, it was time for us to pack up and head back to Ft Lauderdale. Before doing that I had to be dropped off at Miami Beach to meet up with my husband so we can head out there. I helped him pack since there was a certain time he needed to check out and they had a meeting literally up to an hour before check out. 
People might think well if he knew what time check out was then he should of planned and prepared ahead. I would agree but he was not only there working 9 to 5. On top of the regular schedule they were throwing him more work and had to manage his new team of 17 people. The least that I can do is help him as much as I can. 
After packing our car up, we decided to take advantage of the pool from the hotel. We had so much fun. It was great to see my husband enjoy himself. We hung out with his team. Some of them I know them and some are new. They all grew to love our daughter. I think everyone does (LoL). The sun was setting so it was time to change and head to Ft Lauderdale.
At Miami Beach, FL (almost looks like a postcard lol)
Before we headed to my mother-in-law's apartment we ate at Miami Subs Grill. We haven't eaten there in forever. I don't know if it was the hunger but we had the best Steak and cheese sub there. And they had Nathan's crinkle fries too! Yum!
My mother-in-law was there when we arrived. She was so happy to see her granddaughter. The last time she saw her was about a year ago. But we chat through FaceTime. 
During that week we went to the beach a few times, hung out with my husband's side of the family. But of course most of the time my husband was stuck working. There were a few times we went out. We went to the beach, had some ice cream at Kilwins and hung out a little with his family. 
One of the days we had a family beach day :-)
Some of the seashells we kept. They look so pretty!
We were planning on staying another week since my husband has the ability to work from home. We were going to to the Keys. But the night before we were going to go my mother-in-law told us the internet is not reliable. That was basically a make it or break deal with my husband. His work relies heavily on the internet. So the following day we hung out with family and left that night. We didn't arrive till almost midnight. 
It took me a while to get the house in order and getting back to the groove of things. But I must admit we miss our family members. Good thing there are devices to help us keep in touch. :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Sunshine Award

I was nominated by Natasha at Epic Mommy Adventures 
Thanks you so much!

11 Random Facts 
1. I don't like the smell of Peanut Butter. It think it's gross but I do crave a PB&J every blue moon.
2. I met my husband through an AOL chat room 
3. I don't know how to swim. I blame my parents of how they tried teaching me. Let's just say that I almost drown a couple of times.
4. I write my lower case f backwards. Don't know why I just do. They look weird otherwise.
5. My best friends think I give the best advice since I always listen to both sides of the story and try to give an out of the box solution.
6. I was confused for an Asian or a Filipino a handful of times. One time a Chinese restaurant wanted to hire me just because I look Asian. The other time at work an older Filipino lady was talking to me in Filipino cause she thought I was from her country. 
7. My husband properly taught me how to cook. I refused to learn when I was younger only knew the basics like making eggs, boiling water for pasta, and making sandwiches.
8. I don't like to sing in public. I feel like I have a horrible voice. 
9. My favorite color is purple. I even did my sweet 15's in purple verus the traditional pink color. My parents didn't like it but I wouldn't budge on my decision.
10. I make this cocktail drink that you can't even taste the alcohol. I get a friend drunk accidentally. I only make it on special occasions. 
11. I played Lacrosse in high school (and loved it!). We were one of the very,very, very few girl's lacrosse teams in Miami. Our school didn't recognize us a sport team but as a club. 

Natasha's Questions for me
1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Why?
I would love to live in San Francisco. I've never visited there but one of my middle school teachers would talk about San Fran all the time that I grew to love the idea of living there.  
2. Favorite place to visit?
Ybor City, Fl. Love the historic district and I love the atmosphere energy there too. They also have one of our favorite restaurants called the Laughing Cat. That place is delicious !
3.Favorite sweet snack?
It's not the healthiest snack but jelly beans or cookies.
4.Make and Model of your first car?
My first car was a white Nissan Altima. I really loved that car! I was so mad that I completely lost that car due to not being informed of how to take care of a car. It was great while it lasted.
5. Most embarrassing moment?
I'm easily embarrassed so there are many moments. But the only one that comes to mind when I was in 6th grade and my dad picked me up from the park I believe. I was all sweaty and smelly. He asked, kinda loud, if I put deodorant today? I was so embarrassed cause I think some of my friends overheard  it. 
6. Fun thing to do in your spare time?
On my spare time I love to watch movies, play video games, working out (mainly running) and scrapbooking 
7.Favorite Blog post? Share the link?
My favorite blog post of mine was the I didn't Know I Was Pregnant Reactions Post. I felt like I open up more about myself. And help others have a different views about moms like me. 
8. Favorite TV Show or movie?
I have a couple of favorite shows! Friends, Charmed , The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, Law and Order:SVU. My favorite movies are Despicable Me (both movies), Garden State, Never Been kissed, The Breakfast Club, The Crow, Mean Girls and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Sorry, I couldn't pick just one lol
9. Favorite moment of the day?
At the end of the day when our daughter is asleep and I am able to relax with my husband.
10. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I am a night owl. I feel I am more productive and more motivated to get things done at night even before having my daughter
11. Favorite time of the year?
Florida's Fall/winter time. Love being bundle up without worrying about snow aspect of winter.Besides the weather I enjoy all the holidays that comes with it : Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years :-)

Sunshine Award Rules:
- Thank and recognize your Nominating Blogger
- Give 11 Random facts about yourself
-Answer the 11 questions given by your Nominating Blogger
-Pick 11 Blogger Nominees
-Post 11 questions for your Nominees(you can not nominate your Nominating Blogger)

I want to nominate 11 Bloggers!
1. Stephanie from Crazy Little Love Birds
2. Crystal from Life From A Georgia Mom
4. Geneva from Blooming
5. Emily from Mrs Crafty Adams
6. Andrea from Random Issues
7. Remy from Busy Mom Monologues
8. Laura from We Wilsons
9. Lauree from All About The Details
10. Nicole from Crazy Life With My 3 Boys
11. Leah from Leah Inspired

Here are some of my questions for the nominees:
1. Favorite meal/recipe? If you have a link of the recipe then share it!
2. Fun things to do on your spare time?
3. Favorite blog post? Share the link!
4. Favorite Movie or TV Show?
5. Do you have any holiday traditions?
6. What's your dream vacation?
7. What book are you currently reading?
8. What inspired you to start blogging?
9. What was your first job?
10. What's your favorite season?
11. What's your most embarrassing moment?

Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm Back!

I just wanted to say that I'm home! If you follow me through Twitter then you would have known that I have been back home since late Sunday night. Will be posting again very soon! 
I was getting the house back in order so that's why I was a little late on posting on my blog. I recently entered a drawing to win a Nimli scarf and to be part of Natasha's blog, Epic Mommy Adventures, Sponsor Spotlight Series. I absolutely love the this scarf! It's so pretty and soft. Great accessory especially for this season! I just want to thank Natasha again! 
Natasha is not only a blogger and single mom but also a publish author (along with a bunch of other fellow bloggers) of The Mother of All Meltdowns: Real Stories of Moms' Finest (Worst, Completely Awful) Moments !  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Potty Training While on Mini Vacay

My plan while on our mini vacation is to keep potty training (and we still are on our mini vacay). Our challenge is that I couldn't keep her in regular underwear. My mother in law's house has carpet and my parent's house has fabric sofas. So if there were any accidents it would fall on us. To avoid all this we kept her in her pull-ups. 
I would say the first week she was pretty good using the bathroom. We kept with the reward system. Since I forgot to bring M&M's for poopsies I opted to a piece of granola bars that had chocolate chip and called them "cookies". But like before she wouldn't use the bathroom for poopsies. 
A few days ago I notice her using the pull-ups more often. Before the only times she would use them were when she poopsies in them or  sometimes during nap/bedtime. Besides those time she uses them randomly to pee in them. When she does that all I see is her going backwards in her potty training. 
Once I noticed that I needed to keep reminding her to use the bathroom and it worked. She is getting back on track. But when we get back home she is going back to regular underwear. 
Unfortunately, I had to purchase another pack of pull-ups. I got the Walgreens Well Beginnings (size 2T/3T). 
Picture from
She has a small waist and these fit perfectly on my daughter. They hold the pee a little better than the Toys R Us brand. One thing that I thought was pretty cool was that the sides are like Velcro or something similar to that. So when my daughter has a poopsies in her pull-ups , I can just pull the sides versus ripping the sides like I used to. But a negative thing is that if you pull the sides and attach them again, after a while they slowly come undone. My daughter had an incident where one side of the pull-ups was undone. She was uncomfortable and nagging about it. It took me a bit to understand why she nagging since this never happen before. 
Will I purchase these again? Most likely not. Unless they get rid of the attachment of the sides or make them better. 
Picture from

Monday, October 7, 2013

Look What I Added!

I recently added a 'grab button' badge on my blog! Yay! It's on the left side of my blog. 
I made this on my own with a little help of YouTube (of course!) There are many of tutorials out there but I found this one the simplest. 
If you can't see the video below click on my YouTube Channel and you can see it through there.
Hope this makes it easier for other fellow bloggers :-)