Surprise You Are A Mom !: Getting back to Potty Training


Friday, October 25, 2013

Getting back to Potty Training

A couple of days before we left Ft Lauderdale, I had to purchase another pack pull-ups. I found them on the clearance section. I honestly didn't care if these were designed for boys. Who was going to know besides me ? I did try to find the pink ones but there was only 4t/5t size. So that definitely wouldn't work. I was very impress about these pull-ups. They were the name brand ones. And I can see why people will spend a little bit more money on them. There was no leakage. and the sides doesn't come with detachments.
Will I purchase these? Yes, if they are on sale or they are the only ones available at the store. There some good ones out there like the Toys R Us brands that are more affordable. 
During the last week in Ft Lauderdale I kind of gave up on potty training. I know it is not the right mentality. My thought was why waste all that energy and time on potty training than just spending it with family that we don't get to see throughout the year.
This resulted a negative effect once we were back home. The first couple of days my daughter would not use the potty not even for peeing. It felt like we were back to square one. I had to keep reminding her. Taunt her with the rewards. At first I personally didn't want her to eat M&M's every time she goes to the bathroom so I tried bribing her with stickers. After a few tries with the sticker reward I started reminding her about the M&M's. That pretty much did the trick. She barely has any accidents peeing. And she enjoys the rewards stickers and 1 M&M per potty usage makes it very effective. Like before she always has a hard time doing poopsies but that is another hurdle we will overcome. 
Hopefully this next week we can have zero peeing accidents. 
::Crosses fingers::