Surprise You Are A Mom !: Potty Training While on Mini Vacay


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Potty Training While on Mini Vacay

My plan while on our mini vacation is to keep potty training (and we still are on our mini vacay). Our challenge is that I couldn't keep her in regular underwear. My mother in law's house has carpet and my parent's house has fabric sofas. So if there were any accidents it would fall on us. To avoid all this we kept her in her pull-ups. 
I would say the first week she was pretty good using the bathroom. We kept with the reward system. Since I forgot to bring M&M's for poopsies I opted to a piece of granola bars that had chocolate chip and called them "cookies". But like before she wouldn't use the bathroom for poopsies. 
A few days ago I notice her using the pull-ups more often. Before the only times she would use them were when she poopsies in them or  sometimes during nap/bedtime. Besides those time she uses them randomly to pee in them. When she does that all I see is her going backwards in her potty training. 
Once I noticed that I needed to keep reminding her to use the bathroom and it worked. She is getting back on track. But when we get back home she is going back to regular underwear. 
Unfortunately, I had to purchase another pack of pull-ups. I got the Walgreens Well Beginnings (size 2T/3T). 
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She has a small waist and these fit perfectly on my daughter. They hold the pee a little better than the Toys R Us brand. One thing that I thought was pretty cool was that the sides are like Velcro or something similar to that. So when my daughter has a poopsies in her pull-ups , I can just pull the sides versus ripping the sides like I used to. But a negative thing is that if you pull the sides and attach them again, after a while they slowly come undone. My daughter had an incident where one side of the pull-ups was undone. She was uncomfortable and nagging about it. It took me a bit to understand why she nagging since this never happen before. 
Will I purchase these again? Most likely not. Unless they get rid of the attachment of the sides or make them better. 
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