Surprise You Are A Mom !: Realizing we need to move...


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Realizing we need to move...

When we arrived back from our trip. I have to say I felt cluster phobic in our apartment.
Yeah, before I thought we had a good amount of space. But after experiencing staying in a more spacious home it hit us. That included my husband. We need more space.
A couple of months ago I posted that we are in a home owner journey. That journey has been postponed. There we a few things that were holding us back on purchasing a home that we really, really , really loved. Over the summer we purchased a car. It was more out of a need to purchase a reliable car. We are still paying it off. And hopefully by next year this good history of car payments can benefit us in the future. 
My husband and I were talking of whether we should rent or buy a house next year. If we do end up renting we are thinking of renting a house. The only downside of that is that we would limited of which homes to rent since we have pets. I'm a little nervous of renting from a home owner. We never rented a house before. It has always been apartments. We are leaning more towards a home because our apartment complex is being taken over by a new company. We have a feeling that next year's lease would be raised a substantial amount that wouldn't be worth it.  For the time being we have to wait. My husband and I are going to start really searching for a new home starting in January 2014. That way this would give us enough time for construction to start if we were to purchase a new-construction home. 
We will see what the future holds.