Surprise You Are A Mom !: A Recap of Our Trip to the Magic Kingdom


Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Recap of Our Trip to the Magic Kingdom

We had so much fun at the magic kingdom! But oh my goodness it was chilly! I knew the temperature was going to be slightly cooler but didn't realize how cold. I was fine for majority of the day and I was wearing shorts and a 3/4 sleeve shirt! It wasn't until it got dark that it was really really cold! 
Don't worry for my daughter. I had back up clothes in case it got colder than expected. Always prepared!
One of the first things that we did was meet Mickey Mouse! 

When you enter the Magic Kingdom you are on 'Main Street'. On your right hand side you'll find the 'Town Square Theater'. 
There you can meet a variety of characters depending on the day. When we went 2 years ago we meet Mickey and Minnie and the 3 princesses! This time around we only got to see Mickey Mouse! That was fine by me. Waiting indoors and the line was only 15 minutes long. Not bad compared to the lines if you want to meet your favorite character in front of the castle. 

Mickey is signing my DIY autograph book
I just wanted to say that Disney is amping up their game when it comes to meeting your favorite mouse. Not only do you only meet with him but the Mouse speaks and the mouth and eyes are animated! My daughter was thrilled when mickey was talking to her.

Afterwards we of course had to start getting our pin trading on! We normally purchase a pack of 7-8 pins. We always choose the cheapest pack so we can trade throughout the day. If we find a pin that we especially love we then purchase it but this time around nothing really stood out worth purchasing. While waiting in line if a cast member walks by you can stop them they don't mind or think you are rude. It's part of their job and they are more than happy for you to take a look. You can even get inside information on pins like: There are certain pins that they don't sell and are only available through their cast members or there are hidden mickeys on some pins!
If you don't see any pins that you don't like from a cast member you are not obligated to trade. It's okay it happens. People have different taste. 

We of course took pictures in front of the castle! Some of the pictures my daughter looks like she was over it. (That's a toddler for you lol) By the time we were by the castle there was only 10 minutes left for their 'Dream Along With Mickey' show to start. We decided to wait for the show and we were all the way in the front. My daughter was getting crabby. So we pulled out our mini iPad and Facetime-ed with her grandma. Before we knew it the show was about to start. She was so excited that she danced along and even tried singing. There was a dance number where the dancers dressed up as pirates and she got really excited to see that. I guess she likes pirates? (lol) 
I want to add that this past week was really slow for the parks. I'm not saying that it was almost empty but compared to the other times we have been there it was quite pleasant to walk around. You are not bumping into a thousand of people every half second. So that is good. 
After the show we went to the new area of the Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland. This was the busiest since it is so new. We went through the Beauty and the Beast area. We were planning on going for lunch at the new 'Be Our Guest' restaurant but the wait was 80 minutes. If you ask me waiting in line with a toddler for that long is not fun at all. 

So we skipped that and went to ride 'Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid'. The wait wasn't long only 20 minutes at the time. My whole family enjoyed this ride. One thing that my husband and I notice that there were a few characters throughout the ride that weren't movable. I won't go into detail which ones they are. But I thought since it was Disney and a new ride that everything you see is movable to create the atmosphere of under the sea. These characters don't make or break the experience. It is just something that we noticed since we love to go to the parks. 
One thing that we enjoyed while waiting in line was an animated blue crab that you can interact with by pointing which items are not treasures . 

After that we headed to Tomorrowland area. We rode 'Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin'. My daughter loved this ride. She especially liked using the control that spins us around. After this we met up with our friends that were in town for the week. We had lunch at 'Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe'. We weren't really hungry since we ate some of our snacks that I brought from home and had a large breakfast in the morning too. My family split a chicken tenders and french fries meal. This held us over till dinner. 
My little thrill seeker enjoyed 'Tomorrowland Speedway' and 'Astro Orbiter' with her Papa. The wait times were 10-20 minutes long for each ride. 

We then enjoyed 'Monsters Inc Laugh Floor' (20-25 minute wait). While waiting inside my daughter kept pointing at the character Roz and calling her Grandma. My husband and I were cracking up. I don't know where she got this idea cause Roz doesn't look like my mom or my husband's mom. Maybe it was the glasses? 

After the show we went to the 'Liberty Square' area . One ride we always go without fail is the 'Haunted Mansion'. We took our daughter when she was one and wasn't scared. Now that she is older she actually loved this ride. 
Once we were out of the ride, we decided to go home. We were getting hungry and the temperature started to drop cause it was getting dark. We did do a little bit of shopping. We purchased an item for a family member, mickey lollipops for my daughter and Minnie hat for me. Our friends have the annual pass so they gave us their discount. That was awesome! 
Saving any bit of money is great especially at Disney. 
I know there were a couple of rides we didn't go to. But we prefer quality over the quantity of the rides we rode. 
We were going to go to Ohana at the Polynesian Resort we didn't have reservation so there was a chance we wouldn't be seated. At the end weren't able to get seated but it never hurts to ask. If you haven't eaten here before I highly suggest you do. Its so delicious! You have view of the castle from the restaurant. If you are there during the 'Wishes' firework show you can enjoy watching that while having dinner. There is a Hawaiian Lady/Guy that entertains you with some Hawaiian music and  games. She even teaches you a bit of the Hawaiian lingo. I would recommend for you to make reservations 3-5 months in advance.(that is how popular this place is!) 
We ended up picking up some fast food and headed home. We were so exhausted. My daughter didn't even eat dinner she just passed out for the rest of the night.