Surprise You Are A Mom !: Excited To See The Big Mouse!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Excited To See The Big Mouse!

It's official my husband is on vacation! 
Guess where we are going?!
Magic Kingdom!!!
We are going to see the big mouse today! 
The last time we went to Disney was for my daughter's first birthday. Not saying she did not enjoy the experience, she was just amazed by the colors and everything new around her. Now that she is 2 (almost 2 1/2) years old, she will have a different experience. She now loves her pals Mickey, Minnie , Stitch , and Tinkerbell! She knows who they are. When she was one she was actually terrified by these characters. Partially was my fault for not introducing her to these characters beforehand. All I really showed her was Sesame Street at the time. 
I wanted to make something for our trip to Disney.
I decided to make an Autograph book. This was really simple to make. 
Things you'll need:
- Ribbon
- Cardstock Paper
- Scissors or paper trimmer
- Google Doc - Drawing 
- Google images

Since we were going only to the Magic Kingdom I found this website that tells you pretty much everything from each park. I wanted to know what characters are going to be available during the time I'm there. And this website gave me my answers. 
Once you have your list, you can start search your images through Google. 
After you Google-ed your image, you then click on 'Search Tools' then click on 'Color'. I always click on 'Transparent'. This makes it easier if you want to layer your image. 

Next, find the image you like and save it on your computer. 
I like to use Google Docs. They are basically like excel , word, powerpoint and paint but they are on the cloud. The cloud basically means that instead of software for these programs are in a computer they are online. So if by any chance you left, let's say, your powerpoint presentation at home. You can then access it online through google drive. It is quite handy. 
Read my previous post on google docs.
You must be asking how do I get to these Google docs you talk so much about? Well as long as you have a gmail account you are pretty much set. You would have to either type in  or go to and you should click the following:

Once you are on your drive you'll click on Drawings (it's like Microsoft Paint). 

You can customize your autograph pages with your Magical characters!
I kept mines simple since I only had a limited amount of time to make this. I only put the picture of the character on either the left or right bottom corner. 
Once your done you can save them as a JPEG
I printed them as 4 X 6 on cardstock paper. Mainly cause I am going to use this for my Project Life. You can print it which size you like. 
When cutting up the pages I left a little of space above so I can hole punch and bind it with a ribbon. 
This is how mines turned out :)

I love using Google Docs cause I can stop  what I am doing on one computer and continue on my laptop. I understand for some they prefer using Photoshop or Paint for this kind of project. Which is fine. I just wanted to share another option. :)