Surprise You Are A Mom !: First YouTube Video!


Sunday, November 10, 2013

First YouTube Video!

I finally made my first YouTube video! Yay! 
I was a bit nervous to be honest so excuse me for being a little zombie-ish. 
"Let's try this one more time, but a teensy bit less like a zombie, okay?" - Gru
The past couple weeks prior to Halloween I was basically at Michael's or near a Michael's. I had no intention of purchasing any of these items to be honest. I just wanted to see what was available and I might get inspired by the Fall/Christmas decor. I was surprised how cheap these items were especially during the time I was at store Halloween wasn't even over! I couldn't pass up these deals. 
I couldn't believe that TJ Maxx has these scrapbooking items! I've only shop there for clothes. If you are curious, these items are located near the kitchen gadgets/stationary area. I believe TJ Maxx is associated with Homegoods and Marshalls. So if TJ Maxx has these kind of item then their other stores would possibly have them too. Just keep an eye out. You never know what you'll find!