Surprise You Are A Mom !: Oh Disney!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Oh Disney!

Who has done their Christmas shopping list yet? 
We have started since last month! Looking what we should get our daughter. She doesn't need much. She is at a point where she doesn't really need any more toys. Besides we are limited in space like I mentioned before. Maybe a few spring/summer clothes and shoes since we live in Florida. But other than that she is set.
My husband mentioned a game called Disney Infinity. I don't know if you have seen them at your local best buy or Toys R Us. But these items are extremely popular. Hey it's a Disney item! 
At first I didn't want to collect these figures and discs. I felt like it would be hundreds and hundreds of dollars that we would be investing. And not to mention the special edition or the exclusive items that Toys R Us have. 
After a while of discussing it with my husband we came to an agreement that we would purchase this game and become those crazy parents to collect everything. What we love about this game is that the figures are durable enough for kids to physically play with them. They have a dual purpose! (which I love!) Once our daughter is older she can play the actual game. But for now she can play with the figures. And to ease the cost of purchasing all the figures our family members are on board to purchase one or two of the items as Christmas gifts! Yay for family!
I know there might be a lot of parents that might be opposed for kids playing video games at such early stage in their lives. But it is not like we only do that with our daughter. My husband and I love to play video games. More so my husband, he loves to play games. He would like to share that with his daughter. It is no different from a mother baking with their kid. 
We feel that even though gaming has a bad rap with kids there are also some positives. 
It teaches problem solving.  Unlike watching TV shows which basically is vegging out with no challenge. Games makes one think. A gamer has to go through a lot of information in a small amount of time which teaches strategic thinking to  achieve the goal of the game more efficiently.  Majority, if not all games, have the ability to play in teams. This creates teamwork and have a social interactions.  And lastly playing video games brings families together. Your kid might even teach you how to be a better gamer.