Surprise You Are A Mom !: Our Fall Tree


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our Fall Tree

I wanted to share some of the things that we did last weekend. I know we are coming into a new weekend. I apologize for that. 
My daughter is enjoying the books that her TiTiTi (her aunt/my sister). We read multiple times a day. And she has yet to ruin these books! I should say that this is pretty awesome. In the past she would rip a few pages and I would have to tape it together or she would start nibbling on the corners. Don't know why she would nibble and this was after all her teeth were out too.
The weather is great now. It's not super Florida humid hot or really cold. It's just good for walks around our apartment complex. Sometimes we see dogs being walked and of course my daughter runs to pet them. I am trying to teach her that not all dogs are the same and some owners don't like their dogs pet. Put like any child they would like to touch it. 

We sometimes go down the steps in front of our apartment  and blow bubbles outside. She enjoys it very much! In the past my daughter would be drench with bubble solution. But now with a ton of practice she is barely makes a mess and is becoming a pro at blowing bubbles.
 She always tries to catch the bubbles. It is amazing to see she doesn't stop trying to catch those bubbles. It's amusing to watch. 
We also made a 'Give Thanks Tree'. I found this idea through Pinterest ( here is a direct link). Lately I've been seeing this craft project around Google+ and Pinterest more since Thanksgiving is getting closer.  
I absolutely love this idea!
My daughter can't write what she is thankful for. So I had to write it for her. 
One thing that I did differently was that instead of just cutting the construction paper leaves and her just sticking them on the poster. I opted to painting. 

To be honest I was really low on construction paper so this was plan B. It was better than plan A ! I used printer paper and cut out maybe like 2 dozen fall leaves. And then let her paint away. In her plate I poured some green, brown, yellow, orange and red paint. By the end of this project it became a brown blob color. Which is fine. It doesn't need to be perfect! We let them dry during my daughter's nap time so by the time she was up it was time past them on. We used liquid Elmer's glue for the second time. It was funny to see my daughter smack the leaves down cause the paint curled the paper leaves. After we were down my daughter was so proud of herself that she made this. She even dragged my husband to make him see what she has done. 

As you can tell we are very Thankful for a lot !

If you need any more ideas for Thanksgiving I have a dedicated board on Pinterest Check it out! You are more than welcome to follow me :)