Surprise You Are A Mom !: Our Week Without Papa..


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our Week Without Papa..

Well on Sunday my husband left for a work event. He had to fly out to Las Vegas this time. Originally, he wasn't even suppose to go but they needed him. He was gonna take that thing called "vacation" but of course plans changed on us. We hope once he is back that they won't need him. He won't know for sure until Monday. 
::Fingers cross::
Before he left we tried to celebrate Halloween the best way we could. We decorated pumpkins! It was last minute idea. Didn't really have time to go to a pumpkin patch so we opted for fake pumpkins. We purchased ours at Michaels for half the price they originally were. It was a great deal! And we can reuse it for future Halloweens :) We also  purchased these foam stickers to decorate our pumpkins. These were full price, only $1.99 per pack. My husband had a pirate themed pack , my daughter's was an owl and mines was a witch. Our pumpkins were really adorable! This was a great option if you want a mess free pumpkin option. 
Before we knew it was time to dropped him off (very early in the morning). When we said our good byes, my daughter actually cried. This has never happen. It made me cry too. My husband was pretty heart broken about it too. He didn't want to leave us and then her crying made it even worse. 
Once those tears came out I had to distract her somehow! I played her current favorite movie, Despicable Me. It took a few minutes to get her calmed down. We then headed back home and snuggled back to bed. 
Over the week we both kept ourselves busy. Visited my friend, Liz, at her new apartment on Sunday. We basically hung out all afternoon. We watched a movie and ordered pizza. My daughter loved playing with her new Halloween gifts that Liz bought for her. 
These are not washable! So watch out Parents!
The next couple of days we did our normal routine. We added a few Halloween theme things to our routine. We colored with Liz's Halloween gifts: Crayola's 'Once Bitten' and 'Bony Bodies' crayons and Halloween themed coloring book. Coloring or painting is one of her favorite things to do. So this was great!
We also made some Mummified Monsters of us. I was inspired by another blogger. I can't find the link nor do I remember who it was. But if you do please post it on the comments below to give credit. I basically did some cut outs of a boy to represent my husband , a girl for me and a smaller version of a girl for my daughter. She loved sticking on the tape on the paper. Since she was doing 3 of these she kinda got bored by the third one. Then it was time for gluing on the googly eyes. This was the first time using liquid glue so I made sure I was in charge of it. There were a few times she touched it and rubbed it on herself. Good thing its washable! If it were up to her she would of used the whole bag of googly eyes on this activity. It was interesting to see her try to pick these little eyes up and put it on the paper.
Another Halloween theme activity was making some Play-doh Monsters. I got this idea from Crafulate. She used salt dough in her activity but play-doh works just fine. The accessories we used were pipe cleaners and googly eyes. You can pretty much use anything like straws or bottle caps. She had fun making these little monsters. We made these a handful of times.
Before we knew it it was Halloween! This year we were planning on all of us buying matching costumes and trick or treating but since my husband was gone. That idea went out the window. So it was just her dressing up. She was an adorable bunny. I have to say face painting was easier last year than this year. We trick or treated at publix and at a local mall. I didn't want to walk in a neighborhood by myself so this was the best option. After walking around a bit we headed back home. 
The next day we went through my daughter's clothes and mines. I am trying to minimize the stuff we have so we have space. Got rid of a lot of stuff.  I even opened up a cabinet in the kitchen! Now all our kitchen stuff are not all crammed in. 
That night we had to pick up my husband! But at midnight -_-  
When my daughter heard his voice she was so excited. She was genuinely happy to see him. 
We got home we watched a little bit of 'The Night Before Christmas' to get us a little tired. Our daughter loves singing along to the songs just like her Papa :-)
I'm so happy that my husband is home!