Surprise You Are A Mom !: Potty Training Diaries


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Potty Training Diaries

It's been a while since I posted any of my "potty training adventures" of my daughter and I.
It is still on going process! 
She has conquered the peeing aspect of it. 
This is great!
When we came back from our Miami/Ft Lauderdale Trip we had a couple of accidents. But that was my fault for not going through the potty discipline with her. Now when we go out she uses the bathroom in public! Yay! 
On our Disney Trip she used the bathroom! I was surprised ! As long as I remember she always hated the sound of the flush noise of public bathrooms. It maybe the loudness plus its echo-ness? Don't really know but she is sort of over it. She hides behind me when I flush it but doesn't cry like she used to.
During our Disney trip the only time she dirty her pull-ups was when she poopsies. That was fine by me! That meant less money being spent on pull-ups. 
Currently she may dirty a pull-up once or twice a day the most if we go out. When we are home we put her in regular underwear. 
Over night she wears her pull-ups and usually when she wakes up they are dirty. She enjoys picking out her own undies. If I pick them out she gets upset at me for doing so. It's one of those independent toddler things she is picking up. 

I'm personally not ready for her wearing regular undies overnight. All I think about is the cries at night and the washing of bed sheets. 
I might start in January. But we will see. As a parent you have to be mentally ready to have a smoother process. 
Right now I want to conquer the poopsies problem. 
I've tried stickers and M&M's. This doesn't work. 
I'm going to start just giving a sticker for just peeing and M&M's just for poopsies. 
The worst part she knows when she poopsies! She hides in a corner or in her closet and does her business in her undies. I usually catch her minutes before she has to go. I always ask her if she needs to use the bathroom. And of course her answer is 'no!'. If I try leading her to the bathroom she gets upset. So I let her be and of course I clean up the lovely mess. :-/
I'm really lucky that my daughter is a clean little freak. She doesn't like the feeling of her undies being dirty. She immediately tells me she needs a change and doesn't touch anything that went on in her undies.(thank goodness!) 
For you Moms (& Dads too) how did you conquer the poopsies problem of potty training? What's your secret weapon ? (lol)