Surprise You Are A Mom !: These Couple of Days


Monday, November 18, 2013

These Couple of Days

These past couple of days I haven't been as active on my blog/social medias as I would like to. But it is for good reason!
The day after our Disney trip all of us were so tired! We were lazy bums. 
As you guys know my family are going back on our house hunting journey.  We were planning on starting in January 2014. But on Thursday I received an email of a house I was waiting for it to be on the market. It's such a good deal that I showed it to my husband. All he told me was to contact our Realtor, Rochelle. 
Since that day we have been on calls, emails, and text with Rochelle. We came out of the left field for our Realtor. I knew I had to react fast to this house. I finally got a chance to see the house on Saturday. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the inside of the house. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't any visible damage since it was a foreclosed home. In the past we have seen roof damage or some walls were basically sledged hammered. So far this home looks like it has minor problems that should not cost us much. 
Outside looking in, it looks like a perfect fit for us. It has the amount of rooms we want , open kitchen and many more things from our dream home check list. But one thing that I LOVE is that it's in the same neighborhood as the house we wanted to purchase almost a year ago! And the best part for a lower price !!!
We are in talks with the lender and we won't be officially approved until later today. I'm trying to not get my hopes up. Anything can happen.  My husband and I were talking how great would it be to have the house by December ?! Even if we got approved and everything worked out it takes about 60 days for everything to process with the loan we would like get. 
Later on today we are going to meet up with our Realtor to see the inside of the house. My husband won't be able to make it out with us. But we are going to Facetime with him so he can see it too. 
Wish us luck!