Surprise You Are A Mom !: We put in an offer...


Sunday, November 24, 2013

We put in an offer...

We finally made an offer to the house we found. We got pre-approved for the loan which is great. Now we are waiting for a response from the bank since it is a foreclosure home. These past few nights my husband and I haven't been sleeping well. We have been pretty anxious of getting a response.
I mentioned in my last post that we were going to see the house. There were so many hiccups in seeing this house. On Saturday I wanted to see the inside of the house but couldn't. My Realtor wasn't available. So I just drove to the house anyways to see the structure and the location. There was a family with a Realtor already there. So I knocked the door to see if he was nice enough to let me in. But he was a little harsh and said no. That I needed an appointment  to see the house. All I got to see was the outside of the house.
The following day our Realtor called us saying that the lock box was jammed. So she couldn't get the keys to get in. Another day we couldn't get to see the inside of the house. 
Finally on Tuesday we saw the inside of the house! And we loved it! It is a perfect for us. Of course it needs a little bit of cosmetic fixing. We put in our highest offer that day. 
The following nights have been tough for my husband and I. We couldn't sleep thinking about the house. I even started making a list of things that needed to be done. I know I was getting ahead of myself. 
Finally yesterday we got a call from our Realtor Rochelle, and unfortunately she said that the bank took another offer. :( We were so heart broken. I asked her if there is a chance that the buyer backs out last minute. And she said "That's what she is hoping for." 
There is hope! I know I'm being extremely optimistic but we really love this house. I understand there is a real chance that we won't get this house. 
So we are also starting our search all over again. 
Hopefully there is a house out there for us!