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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Buttons! Buttons! Buttons!

As a blogger I am learning new things about blogging everyday! 
I've recently started using Instagram! Yay! I'm getting used to it.
Not only have I started using a new social media but I have also re-vamped my blog! 
There was definitely times of frustration. Since I have little to no knowledge of any tech-y/website stuff. But I wanted to learn first hand and do it on my own. 
And it turned out great! I'm in love with the new look of my blog. 
One of the tools I used as a guide was YouTube. 
YouTube is a neat tool to find resources! It's not only for looking at funny cat videos lol
To make my blogger header this is the video that guided me:

Next I wanted to tackle my social media buttons.
Before I was only connected to a few social medias but I've recently joined Bloglovin' , Instagram and YouTube! So I really needed to update them. 
I personally didn't want to use the generic icons so I customized them. I used Pic Monkey to make my icons. 
If you are more experienced with Photoshop then go ahead use it. I am not nor do I have this program on my computer. So this is the best option for me. 
I made a blank sheet through Pic Monkey.
How to Make a Blank Sheet & Social Media Icons
1. Click on 'create a collage'
2  Save file and  name it
 I named it Blank so I can use it again in the future.
3. Go back to main page of Pic Monkey and 'click edit a photo'
4. This opens up a window to pick the picture you want to edit so you pick the 'Blank' picture you just made
5. Then crop it 65 x 65.
You can play around with the size you want but this is what I used. 
6. Have fun and create your custom buttons. 
7. After you are done you can click 'Save'
If you like the White Background then skip the following steps and watch the last video of this post. :)
If you don't like the white background you can use Photoshop clear the background but I have no idea how to do that. 
I used Google Docs and downloaded Pixlr Editor
This is basically like Photoshop but on the cloud. 
I can easily access this program from my laptop to my husband's computer. 

How to have a Transparent Background
1.When you click on Pixlr Editor a window will pop up Click 'Open Image from Computer' and pick on the picture you recently made on Pic Monkey
2. Next you'll click the following:
This will give you a transparent layer 
3. You'll click the Marquee Tool over your picture. Make sure the background is highlighted
And press CTRL C to copy. 

4. Then click File and new image. A window will pop up click 'Ok' 
5. A blank image square (or whatever size your original picture is) appears. Here you press CTRL V to paste. And your image should appear.
6.Then click on the wand tool and click the areas where you want transparent and press the DELETE Key
Once you are done with that you should see 'Layer 1' have a transparent background in the Layers window like so: 
7. Next you'll click the close button of the Untitled window. A window will open asking if you want to save the image and click 'Yes'
8. A new window opens here you can change the name and where you want to save it to. I save it to Google Drive for my convenience. But for Format click PNG. 

You would have to go through the same process for all your social media buttons. 
I know it looks like a lot of work but after the second or third one you'll pick it up quickly. 
After you have made the look of your buttons you'll need to watch the following video:

This helped me out so much and I hope it helps you out too! 
Happy Blogging!

If you don't want to deal with all of these steps or just don't have time you can always purchase them. Etsy has blogger/Wordpress designers. You just have to search and find the right one for you. Keep in mind prices may vary.

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***The YouTube videos are not mine. I found these in my search***