Surprise You Are A Mom !: Christmas Tree Craft


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Tree Craft

Last week we made a Santa Beard Countdown.And remember I used the back of the Thanks Giving Tree ? Well I used the other half of the poster for my daughter's Christmas Tree. 
This a great, simple activity and you can use some items from your house too! 
Items we used 
egg cartons
paint brushes
liquid glue 
Paint ( you can use markers or crayons)
Poster (regular or construction paper is fine too)
What next?
1. Sketch your tree and star with your pencil
2. Use your scissors to cut the tree and star out.
If you have little ones learning how to use scissors, then is would be a great learning opportunity! 
3. Let your kid color/paint their little hearts out. 
4. While they are coloring/painting you can cut out the egg cartons.  
5. Next thing is to color/paint the egg cartons! 
You can add glitter if you are daring. Or you can use those glitter paint. 
No one likes to clean up glitter so this is a great alternative. 

6. Let the paint the dry and then glue it all together!
This how ours turned out like:

You don't have to use the exact items we used. 
Get creative! 
Use things around the house, like cotton balls, pasta, milk gallon caps, stickers and the list is endless. 
It doesn't have to be completely perfect. 
My daughter enjoyed making this and that's what counts