Surprise You Are A Mom !: DIY Christmas Countdown!


Friday, December 6, 2013

DIY Christmas Countdown!

Yay! Christmas is almost here!
Can you believe we are in December already!?
Time sure does pass by!
I wanted to share with you a craft/activity that you probably have seen on Pinterest plenty of times. (if you are a pin-aholic like me) 
It's a Santa Beard Countdown.
I wanted to do this last year but my daughter was really small to understand what this weird man is that we have to  stick cotton balls to. 
Last month we did a Thanks Giving Tree. Now that is december we had to pull this activity down. But honestly I didn't want to. It's a poster size so I couldn't scrapbook it either. 
Instead of throwing it away, I reused it!
Turn it over and you have a "new" blank poster! 
Genius! I know! (lol)
On this side I got to use it for My Santa Bread Countdown. 
I cut my poster in half. The other half I just stored it away for hopefully a future project. 
The Materials needed:
Black sharpie/marker
Markers,crayons or Paint (Whatever your preference is)

1. Use your pencil and sketch your Santa! I just Googled a picture and free hand drew him. 
2. Use your Black Sharpie to outline Santa and mark the numbers for your countdown.
I wish I did this step before adding all the cotton balls. But it's okay you live and learn.
3. Have fun coloring him with whatever you use (marker/crayons/pain)
My daughter loves to paint. We only painted the hat. The face we colored in with crayons. 
4. We cut out our Santa but you don't have to. Your kids can have fun and color it in if you like.
5. Next part is gluing the cotton balls! 
My daughter had a ball with this. It was probably like her third or 4th time using glue. But I was in charge of the bottle. Can you imagine she was?! What a mess that would be!
6. After you put in all the cotton balls on the hat, eyebrows and mustache you can hang it and put in a cotton ball each day till the 25th!

It is very simple craft/activity. 
And the best part is reusing the poster from a previous activity!
I hope you had a fun time making this !

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