Surprise You Are A Mom !: My Silly Toddler


Monday, December 9, 2013

My Silly Toddler

Like many toddlers, they say and do silly things. Sometimes you have to ask them to repeat what they just said cause it's too adorably funny. I had a scenario with my little toddler about 3 months ago that I forgot to share! 
My sister in law at the time recently had her second baby. She started sending pictures to all the family members. I finally had a chance to see them and share it with my daughter. I understand that she knows what a baby is but I wanted to teach her that the baby is her cousin's sister. I asked if she wanted a sister. The response was so funny! All she said (well asked) was "Cereal?" I repeated a couple of times the question. She answered with the same response. I guess she won't understand it until she has a sister. 

I think it was like two weeks ago one night, I just picked up dinner. I was carrying my daughter on my left side and on my right hand had the bag of food. As I was going up the steps, my daughter calls out "Maddie" (We have a cat named Maddie so calls all cats Maddie). I didn't really look and thought it was a stray cat. I was about to say "Yeah that's a Maddie"  Until I saw what it was...a possum! Thankfully we were about 8 steps away from this creature. I just ran downstairs and call my husband to handle the situation. That was the day she met a possum for the first time and learned that it is not a "Maddie"

Another day during this past week my daughter was "cat sitting" our cat, Maddie. She made sure that our cat ate her treat. So she brought her chair out and sat literally behind her. When Maddie didn't want more, daughter yelled out "Maddie eat!" and pointed to the cat bowl. I had to teach her that she was full and she would come back later for more. It was quite amusing she figured out on her own that it's her responsibility to feed our cat. Even though it's a bit over the top in my opinion. But amusing nonetheless. 
What silly sayings or scenarios have you experienced with your toddler? You are welcome to share on the comments below!