Surprise You Are A Mom !: Our "New" Offer


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our "New" Offer

As you know from a previous post the offer we gave for the house we wanted wasn't accepted.
Our Realtor really tried to get it for us. 
Last Friday we get a call from our Realtor. She said it doesn't hurt to try again.Our realtor told us if we wanted this house we can change our conditions on the offer (another "new" offer). Basically tweak it a bit to be more desirable. Of course within our price range. And also to not come so strong even though we all think we didn't. We have a feeling the listing agent wasn't helping us out to our best interest. Unfortunately, we can't prove that since it's only speculation. And I won't get into detail as to why we think that way. 
It's been a couple days and our Realtor is on top of it. Trying to call the bank (since it is a foreclosure) and the listing agent. We hope we get it. 
We tried looking at other houses. And they are not the same. Some houses look great but when it comes to the rooms they are small for the price range they are asking for. 
We have been house hunting for the last 3-4 years. There have only been 3 houses (including the one we currently put an offer on) that we REALLY loved. It was the right price range, in a good area, enough square footage and rooms. 
When we first started this house hunting craziness we were oblivious how quickly a good priced home can be snatched away so quickly! That is how we missed the first house we liked.
Fortunately we learned a lot throughout the years. We learned exactly what we want. 
There were at times when we saw a house we literally took 5 minute walk through and knew whether or not we liked it. Our realtor liked us in that aspect cause we were quick at making decisions. Don't get me wrong if it is your first time house hunting take your time! Over time you'll know what you want and what your family needs in a home. 
One thing I would advise is if you don't like your current Realtor or don't feel comfortable you are not obligated to be stuck with this person. We have gone through about 2 Realtors before we found our current one. 
House hunting comes with getting high hopes and in a second being crushed. Very emotional. My husband and I super anxious to see if we get the house. 
Keep your fingers crossed! 
We hope that 2014 is our year of getting a house!