Surprise You Are A Mom !: Re-use Your Candle Glass Container


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Re-use Your Candle Glass Container

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I purchased this Seed Soy Candle for only $3! It was in the clearance section at my local Publix. I was in love with the scent (Cinnamon Roll)! I would light it up almost every day. About 2 weeks ago or so the candle was finish. Insert sad music here. 

Like any candle you are left with the glass container and candle residue. With this Seed Soy candle it comes with a lid. So I though why not re-use this item? 
What I did was leave my candle container under vinegar over night. I accidentally forgot about it so it was soaking in vinegar for almost 2 days. (whoops! lol) but it doesn't hurt it. 
After leaving it overnight you'll see candle residue floating. 
Dump out the vinegar sometimes the leftover bottom candle wax layer might still be stuck in the bottom. But don't fret! Since you left it soaking it should be weak enough for you pull it out with a spoon or knife. This candle was soy based so it was really easy. But one thing that was a bit hard was the wicker metal part that was glued in pretty well. Good thing it was soaking in vinegar it loosen it up a bit but you'll need a knife to take it out. 
After that is done just wash it off whatever little bit of residue is left in  the jar. Next thing to tackle is the label. Luckily this was a plastic label so it peeled off easily. 
Tah Dah! You now have new glass container!
I stuffed mines with cotton balls. But you can put whatever you want. You can store candy, hair ties, and etc. 
Another thing you can do is a knob on top of the lid and paint it.
But I like it how it is so I won't mess with it .