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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The past couple of weeks I haven't been able to go to bed. 
Usually when this happens, I start being productive with this time. There's no toddler following around. I normally take advantage of this time. If there is laundry in the dryer that I accidentally forgot then I'll put away. Or start on a new blog post. This would get me tired enough to go back to bed.
I am not so lucky this time around. It might be nerves with this whole house thing. The millions of things to do if we do get it and the other side of not getting it. 
And to top it all off Mr. T.O.M. (time of the month) came knocking. I know it's probably too much information. But it does play a part, ladies. 
And to top it off my husband got sick this weekend. 
Then I remembered that I haven't gone to the gym in a while. Not gonna say how long cause it's embarrassing. 
I came across the picture below on Facebook and it hit me.

Google Images
 I need to work out! Loved doing it. Why did I stopped ?! As soon as my husband feels better and Mr. T.O.M. leaves then I'll go back to it. 
On a positive note I'm slowly getting in track with my New Years resolution. Drinking more water. I've drank about 1 1/2 bottles which equals to about 24 ounces. This not including the water I normally drink during meals. I'm slowly getting there. Drinking water always felt like a chore for some reason. It will soon be something that I do without thinking.
With this sleeping thing I hope this is a small phase and I'll get back on track. I think working out will help me so it wouldn't be an issue in the future (I hope). 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 2014 Loot Crate Unboxing

It's that time of the month again! 
Our Loot Crate arrived! 
It's the first one of the year. 
I want to say that the shape of the box was a little different than the previous ones. 
It was more of a cube shaped rather than their traditional rectangular shape. 
Prior to receiving this Loot Crate, I saw on their Instagram something about space. Like I mention in the video I didn't really look into it to not ruin what it could possibly be. And I am glad that I didn't cause this month's theme is "Launch"
Here is my unboxing: 
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Much appreciated! :-)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

My First Time Tag

I want to thank Daniela from Life Lover who tagged me. This was so much fun to do. 
Answering some of these questions kind of made me go through memory lane and made me realize how much I've grown up. I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed answering them.


1. FIRST YouTube video you ever watched?
I don't really remember. This was many many years ago to be honest. It was probably something funny or music video? Not sure.
2. FIRST person you subscribed on YouTube?
Nicole from Mommy Tips by Cole. To be honest I never understood the whole subscribe thing until a couple of years ago. ( I know...Lame! lol)
3. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
No I don't. 
4. FIRST kiss?
This was with my first boyfriend. This was before I met my husband. I just turned 15. 
5. FIRST alcoholic drink?
Probably rum and coke. I was in my teens. My parents were ok with me drinking it socially with family. As long as it wasn't excessive or drinking and drive. I think it might be a cultural thing to be honest. I know some people might be "omg how can they do that". They just wanted me to be aware of the taste and to teach me that it's okay to drink but not to the extreme like other kids do. And guess what? I turn out alright. I barely drink and when I do it's a social reason.
6. FIRST car?
My first car was a white Nissan Altima. Love that car. I got it in June 2006. This car allowed me to go visit my now husband back in the early years of dating. He lived about 45 minutes north where I lived. Before I had my car it was almost impossible to see him.

7. FIRST job?
My first job was working at Charlotte Russe my freshman year of college. I opened a new store at the local mall. I was able to work with a high school friend and made good friends through there. But some customers were awful! Especially during the holidays or the weekend. Only worked for about 5 months there until I got a new job.

8. FIRST pet?
When I was younger I had a goldfish that I got from the local fair. But it would die a day or two days later. (so I guess it doesn't count) Fast forward in 2007, my husband and I adopted our cat, Meowface. My husband's idea to name her. (can't you tell? lol) She is still with us. Along with her 3 other "sister" cats.

This is her when we first got her :) 

9. FIRST celebrity crush?
Oh so many... I would have to say Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. Then it was Tom Delonge from Blink 182 and Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails ( which I still do have a crush on hehe)

google images

10. FIRST real boyfriend?
My first boyfriend was this guy named Hector. Met him through my aunt (she is a year older than me). Wish I could take back that decision but I have to say that I learned through that experience of what I wanted. 

11. Who was your FIRST person to text you today?
It wasn't a text but a group Facebook message of my best friends, Nina and Mau. Just us girls catching up since we are all scattered in Florida. Mau is in her last semester of law school in Jacksonville. Nina is in Miami and I am in central Florida. We always try to stay in touch as much as we can :)

12. Who was your FIRST grade teacher?
I don't remember first elementary school teacher since I moved from a private school after kindergarten to public school. But I do remember my first grade teacher. Her name was Ms. Dunn.

13. Where was your FIRST sleepover?
My parents don't like the idea of me sleeping over other people's homes. But they made an exception cause my friend, Nicole, was moving to Virginia that year. I had to pull teeth to make that exception happen. This was in middle school. It was so much fun. We even had a cake fight. One of the best times that I will always cherish.

14. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning?
wake up, get out of bed and poured cereal for my daughter.

15. FIRST concert you ever went to?
I don't think you can count it as a concert but I saw Fall Out Boy live at Grad Night at Disney's Magic Kingdom. It was pretty cool. Pete Wentz threw his guitar pick at my direction and my friend Karen got it. After that I saw local bands cause I had a friend that was in a band. Then in college I saw Radiohead which was the last concert I've gone to. I really wanted to see Nine Inch Nails but we had no babysitter and by the time we looked up tickets they were gone. :(

16. FIRST broken bone?
I've never broken a bone in my body. (For saying that. I will brake a bone)

17. FIRST movie you remember seeing?
ummm that's really hard but I would guess The Little Mermaid.

18. FIRST sport you were involved in?
I am assuming being part of a team. So it would be lacrosse in high school.

19. FIRST tweet?
I had to look this up cause I don't really tweet on my personal twitter account. It was in 2009 and I was commenting on a picture that my husband posted on his twitter. 

20. FIRST Facebook profile picture?
It was a picture of me at Blizzard Beach with these sunglasses. It was the first trip to Orlando with my husband and his friends. which converted to become an annual thing until a few years ago.

21. FIRST piercing?
I only have my ears pierced when I was a baby. And I am pretty sure I cried. 

Thanks again to Daniela! And don't forget to swing by her blog. 

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Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge #2

It's time for the 2014 blogger challenge #2! It's all about skincare. 
I don't really have problems with my skin that I would have a rigorous routine. I never really suffer from acne or any of the sorts. I am really lucky. But that also causes me to be lazy. 
One of the few things that I do is to put moisturizer daily and use the St Ives face scrub 2-3 times per week. 
The only reason why I don't use the face scrub that often is cause I do suffer from dry skin. And doing this more than 3 times per week can cause my skin to dry. 

I sometimes use the Walmart/Target equivalent brand to St Ives or Aveeno. I don't really see much difference other than the price.

Besides Jergens lotion for dry skin I also use Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula for rough dry skin when needed but also the massage lotion for stretch marks. For pregnant moms or already moms out there this is an amazing lotion for those marks. Obviously stretch marks won't magically disappear. But it helps.
As far as food I am not banned from certain food. I don't really see anything drastic when I eat one certain kind of food or the other. But what I do see a difference is when I drink water. 
In our household we do buy soda products or juice but that is very rare. We mainly drink water. But I have dry skin so I have to make sure I drink plenty of water per day. This is a challenge for me. Don't know why it's a challenge for me but it is. That is why it is part of my New Year's Resolution. 
What are your skin care solutions, routines or even foods that are good for your skin?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Crosses fingers

So I can't hold it much longer.
I wanted to share to you some good news in my house hunting journey!
Remember in my previous post how we put in a "New Offer". Well they accepted it.
During the mid to end of December we experienced heartache with this home.
Our Mortgage specialist that we were working with kind of dropped the ball with not adding some numbers. Luckily he caught it in time and told us what we would like to do. Unfortunately due to this slip up it would cause our monthly mortgage to go up way too much. I want to say not all Mortgage specialist are not the same. Some are more experience in one type home loan than the other. At this point we told our Realtor that we have to back out due to the monthly cost. Our Realtor, did not give up. She really wanted us to have this house. So she contacted the first mortgage specialist, Natalie, to see if she can salvage this. At this point, we weren't having any hope that this specific house would pan out.
We got a call back from our Natalie and said that she could do it and have it under the monthly range we wanted it be.
This was all happening during the holidays. 
We got a call from Natalie saying to book a home inspection ASAP. 
At this time we were in Ft Lauderdale trying to spend time with family. Unfortunately we had to cut it short cause we had the home inspection that Saturday after Christmas. 
On Saturday we did the home inspection it turns out the house very small repairs. 
Our home inspector, Steve, said he was surprise how well this house was, being that is a foreclosure. In the past he has seen cement mix pour down the toilets or sinks, walls bashed and even exterior parts of the house damaged. So we were really glad the inspection turned out well. 
The next step was the house appraisal. 
We just got the results and the appraisal came out lower than our offer. 
So now we are waiting on the Bank to see what they want to do. Either give us a lower price (which would help us out) or stay at the same price. It takes a couple of business days to get a response. Hopefully we have official word that we get this house. Everything seems to point to that we are getting this house. Nothing is for certain until it's official.
Wish us luck!
::Crosses fingers::

Monday, January 13, 2014

Mini Vacay

Hard Rock Hotel Stay

Our family is staying at the Hard Rock Hotel until Monday! yay! My husband has a work event here so it's 'hello mini vacation' for my daughter , our dog and I.
Even though we are on vacation , we are still parents. I had to discipline my 19 month old. She decided to take our dog's water bowl and pour it all over the tile floor. She has done this before a handful of times. And I was fed up with it. I had to take action and find my inner "nanny 911" and put her in time-out for one minute . She tried to leave her area before her minute was up. Even though I was tired , I still had to put her back in her corner . She cried and did her dramatic falling down to the ground. But she stayed there until her minute was up.
After her time was up, I explained to her why she was in time out. I know she doesn't fully understand but it will take time for her to comprehend what the concept of time out. Once I was done she gave our dog and I a kiss and a hug. I hope that this incident doesn't happen in the future. But I know it's bound to occur in the future.

Our Weekend

My little sister was here for the weekend! Yay!
We picked her up Thursday.
My daughter loves her Tia. She was so excited to see her. 
The first day she was dancing with her and kept giving her the Lion King book to read. 
It was entertaining to watch. 

We didn't do anything too crazy. 
The previous day I was getting "flu-like" symptoms. Which was weird. I guess my body was kinda exhausted so we just stayed home and hung out majority of the weekend. 
My sister is a film Production/Marketing major so she basically always has either her digital or film camera with her. 
My daughter kept asking her to take pictures throughout her stay. It was so adorable. 
She even got her rectangle wood puzzle and acted like it was camera. 

We didn't stay home all weekend we headed to the Florida Mall to try to return 2 Christmas items that my daughter received doubles of. Unfortunately I wasn't successful.
Oh well at least we were out of the house for a bit. 
We stopped by Target (love that store) to pick up some ingredients for dinner and we got some items for making Crepes. They turned out delicious!

Over the weekend we just hung out and watched How I Met Your Mother and movies. 
We saw The Purge
 And let me tell you that movie was crazy. It's a great movie to watch.  I would highly recommend to watch. But to let you know it's not suitable for young children. 
On Saturday late at night my sister wanted to meet up with some of her friends at Downtown Orlando. So I dropped her off and picked her up. 
Sunday was her last day. I was so happy she was gone. (Just kidding! lol) 
I was a little sad that she was leaving. Wished she could of stayed longer but I know we will FaceTime very soon. We talk almost everyday. 
Can't wait to hang out with her again. 
We already miss her.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

December Loot Crate Unboxing

I am pretty late showing this unboxing. I do apologize for that.
Having issues with my main laptop was my biggest problem. 
Luckily my husband was able to fix. He even added the Microsoft Movie Maker. 
I usually edit through YouTube so this was nice change. (Still learning how to use it)
Here is my December Loot Crate Unboxing

If you are unable to watch the video you can check out my channel: Surprise You Are A Mom
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**If you missed November's unboxing click here or you can view through my channel**

Friday, January 10, 2014

Featured on

I wanted to thank those that picked me to be part of their blogs! I truly feel honored :)

The wonderful blogs that I was featured on...

:Busy Mom Monologues:

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I was also mentioned in:

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Corn Salsa Recipe

About a week before Christmas, my husband invited a few people from his team to have a BBQ dinner. And I made this dip that everyone really loved. I made this for the first time for the dinner. Our friend, Dan, made it for us about a year ago. My husband and I were like addicts eating it everyday until it was gone. That's how good it is! We never got the recipe until now! 
The great thing about making this recipe is that you get about 6 cups worth of dip. I know. I know. You must be thinking that is way too much. But once you take a bite you'll be hook!

Ingredients you'll need:
3 cans of sweet corn & diced peppers (11 oz cans)
1 can of chopped green chiles (7 oz can)
1 can of chopped jalapeno pepper (6 oz can)
1/2 cup of chopped green onion
1 cup of mayo
1 cup of sour cream
1 teaspoon of pepper
1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder
16 oz pack shredded sharp cheddar cheese

First you'll need a large mixing bowl. Make sure it's large.
Like I said before this dip makes about 6 cups!

How to make it:
1. Drain the 3 cans of sweet corn& diced peppers. Also chop up the green onions
2. Drain the chopped jalapeno peppers but make sure to keep the liquid cause you'll add it to the dip for taste.
A great tip is the more you add the juice the greater the spicy kick becomes! So pour little by little till you are satisfied :)
If you can't find the chopped jalapeno pepper cans you could also purchased the jar ones and chop them yourself
3. All you do is add the ingredients together.
4. Let it chill for an hour or two. And you are good to go. 
I personally don't think you need to wait cause it still taste great either or.

These go great with Tostitos Scoops Fajita Flavored Tortilla Chips. My husband found these chips at Target. Don't know if it is a limited time item. But it's delicious with the dip.

I hope you enjoyed them as much as we have :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Happy birthday to me!
I'm a Capricorn baby! 
I'm not a super horoscope person but once I started reading my traits I was surprise how many of these were correct. 
I'm very practical, prudent, cautious but I am also stubborn (got that from my dad) and shy.
The other traits that were mentioned I do have but not as strong as the others. I thought this was interesting to read.
Being the "practical  and cautious" I didn't want to do anything really big for my birthday for reasons I hope to share soon. And when I say big I mean got to dress up and go to a nice restaurant. I did this last year and I had the pleasure to having a few of my closest friends. My best friend, Mau, and her boyfriend even drove from Jacksonville. Don't worry she just didn't have dinner but she slept over too. So that was pretty awesome to spend time with her.
This year we just order NYPD pizza. It was so delicious! I was craving their garlic knots and Zeppoles! 

Throughout the day I was getting calls, text messages, fb posts from friends and family. Which was really nice. 
Every year my mom either sings me happy birthday in English and Spanish or play the happy birthday song. She used to call to wish me happy birthday really early cause I was 5am born baby. Now she doesn't do it anymore. I guess cause she understands that I am a mom and knows how sleep is very important. 
My sister was the first one to wish me a happy birthday through FaceTime. At Midnight I should add. She is "cray" as she would say. I still appreciate it though. 
Funny enough my husband was right next to me and totally missed his opportunity to say it first. It's okay I still love him. 
Other than having NYPD pizza for dinner we also purchased a new tree! To be honest, we weren't really looking for one. But we found it online for $53! It's a 7ft tall tree and I can't wait till next Christmas to put it up. 

We've had our previous tree ever since we moved in to our apartment which was 5 years ago! And before that it was my father-in-law's tree. That tree was used for many, many years. And this Christmas it's lights decided to die on us. Christmas was getting close and we knew we would be spending Christmas with family so we decided not to purchase a new one at the time. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Product Review: BFAST Breakfast Shake

I recently made an unboxing of my first Loot Crate
There was one item I wanted to try out which was the BFAST breakfast shake.
My expectation was that it was going to be really sweet since it was a General Mills item and most of their cereal are sweet I figured why not this. 
Check out my full opinion about BFAST on my YouTube Channel: Surprise You Are A Mom or below

I want to say that I would like to try out the other flavors to see if it was just the Strawberry flavor that made it different. This item is marketed to those on the go. As most of you know I am a stay at home mom, so this is not ideally for me. I forgot to add that it does fill you up even though the taste wasn't there for me. I'm not completely saying thumbs down until I try the other flavors (just on the strawberry one). 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge #1

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great and safe New Year's. 
We normally don't do anything for New Year's. Especially with our little one. We thought of going to Downtown Disney but I remember how packed it was for just a St. Patty's Day weekend. Can you imagine for New Years!? Not really safe with a toddler. 

Maddie thought these were for her. Silly Kitty!

On New Year's Eve my daughter and I made sugar cookies from scratch! She had fun make and decorating them. Our kitchen was a mess but it was well worth it. After the cookies were done my daughter enjoyed one. We light up some fireworks. She really loves when the Roman candles went off. She was not afraid at all! I remember when I was her age I was terrified of them. After the fireworks she just went to bed.

My husband and I were dorks and played on your Nintendo 3DS until 1(-ish) AM. I am currently playing Animal Crossing New Leaf and my husband is playing Pokemon X. 
In the spirit of the new year, I want to share the first post of the 2014 Blogger Challenge topic which is "New Years Inspiration". The challenge is instead of writing New Years resolution I can share a quote or a picture that inspires me or will inspire others.
If you are curious what 2014 Blogger Challenge is either check out my post of joining or Gaby's Another Girly Blog for more info. 
So here are my pictures! I hope this inspires you :-D

It's ok to be different! I've learned over the years to overcome this. It is still an ongoing process that I want to keep up.

Not only is this fitness motivating but also general life motivating!

Love this! Life can get crazy but I have to remember that I truly love my husband.

There were a few times we were tested in the past and we grew stronger. For more tests and happy moments!

Would like to run miracle miles this year again and hopefully raise at least $100! Check out my first 5k!

Losing weight has been a challenge most of my life. Learning to not look for perfection but progress is what I think makes one successful.

To having a Healthy weight!

A great way of looking at them!

This year I want to be less negative and more positive!

I always have a challenge drinking water. I would like to be able to drink the adequate amount as part of staying healthy.
Last but not least, owning a home! I hope 2014 is the year!

**All these pictures are not mine. I found them through Pinterest or Google Images.**

What's your New Year's Inspiration?
Comment below if you want to share yours :)