Surprise You Are A Mom !: birthday


Sunday, January 5, 2014


Happy birthday to me!
I'm a Capricorn baby! 
I'm not a super horoscope person but once I started reading my traits I was surprise how many of these were correct. 
I'm very practical, prudent, cautious but I am also stubborn (got that from my dad) and shy.
The other traits that were mentioned I do have but not as strong as the others. I thought this was interesting to read.
Being the "practical  and cautious" I didn't want to do anything really big for my birthday for reasons I hope to share soon. And when I say big I mean got to dress up and go to a nice restaurant. I did this last year and I had the pleasure to having a few of my closest friends. My best friend, Mau, and her boyfriend even drove from Jacksonville. Don't worry she just didn't have dinner but she slept over too. So that was pretty awesome to spend time with her.
This year we just order NYPD pizza. It was so delicious! I was craving their garlic knots and Zeppoles! 

Throughout the day I was getting calls, text messages, fb posts from friends and family. Which was really nice. 
Every year my mom either sings me happy birthday in English and Spanish or play the happy birthday song. She used to call to wish me happy birthday really early cause I was 5am born baby. Now she doesn't do it anymore. I guess cause she understands that I am a mom and knows how sleep is very important. 
My sister was the first one to wish me a happy birthday through FaceTime. At Midnight I should add. She is "cray" as she would say. I still appreciate it though. 
Funny enough my husband was right next to me and totally missed his opportunity to say it first. It's okay I still love him. 
Other than having NYPD pizza for dinner we also purchased a new tree! To be honest, we weren't really looking for one. But we found it online for $53! It's a 7ft tall tree and I can't wait till next Christmas to put it up. 

We've had our previous tree ever since we moved in to our apartment which was 5 years ago! And before that it was my father-in-law's tree. That tree was used for many, many years. And this Christmas it's lights decided to die on us. Christmas was getting close and we knew we would be spending Christmas with family so we decided not to purchase a new one at the time.