Surprise You Are A Mom !: Crosses fingers


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Crosses fingers

So I can't hold it much longer.
I wanted to share to you some good news in my house hunting journey!
Remember in my previous post how we put in a "New Offer". Well they accepted it.
During the mid to end of December we experienced heartache with this home.
Our Mortgage specialist that we were working with kind of dropped the ball with not adding some numbers. Luckily he caught it in time and told us what we would like to do. Unfortunately due to this slip up it would cause our monthly mortgage to go up way too much. I want to say not all Mortgage specialist are not the same. Some are more experience in one type home loan than the other. At this point we told our Realtor that we have to back out due to the monthly cost. Our Realtor, did not give up. She really wanted us to have this house. So she contacted the first mortgage specialist, Natalie, to see if she can salvage this. At this point, we weren't having any hope that this specific house would pan out.
We got a call back from our Natalie and said that she could do it and have it under the monthly range we wanted it be.
This was all happening during the holidays. 
We got a call from Natalie saying to book a home inspection ASAP. 
At this time we were in Ft Lauderdale trying to spend time with family. Unfortunately we had to cut it short cause we had the home inspection that Saturday after Christmas. 
On Saturday we did the home inspection it turns out the house very small repairs. 
Our home inspector, Steve, said he was surprise how well this house was, being that is a foreclosure. In the past he has seen cement mix pour down the toilets or sinks, walls bashed and even exterior parts of the house damaged. So we were really glad the inspection turned out well. 
The next step was the house appraisal. 
We just got the results and the appraisal came out lower than our offer. 
So now we are waiting on the Bank to see what they want to do. Either give us a lower price (which would help us out) or stay at the same price. It takes a couple of business days to get a response. Hopefully we have official word that we get this house. Everything seems to point to that we are getting this house. Nothing is for certain until it's official.
Wish us luck!
::Crosses fingers::