Surprise You Are A Mom !: Our Weekend


Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Weekend

My little sister was here for the weekend! Yay!
We picked her up Thursday.
My daughter loves her Tia. She was so excited to see her. 
The first day she was dancing with her and kept giving her the Lion King book to read. 
It was entertaining to watch. 

We didn't do anything too crazy. 
The previous day I was getting "flu-like" symptoms. Which was weird. I guess my body was kinda exhausted so we just stayed home and hung out majority of the weekend. 
My sister is a film Production/Marketing major so she basically always has either her digital or film camera with her. 
My daughter kept asking her to take pictures throughout her stay. It was so adorable. 
She even got her rectangle wood puzzle and acted like it was camera. 

We didn't stay home all weekend we headed to the Florida Mall to try to return 2 Christmas items that my daughter received doubles of. Unfortunately I wasn't successful.
Oh well at least we were out of the house for a bit. 
We stopped by Target (love that store) to pick up some ingredients for dinner and we got some items for making Crepes. They turned out delicious!

Over the weekend we just hung out and watched How I Met Your Mother and movies. 
We saw The Purge
 And let me tell you that movie was crazy. It's a great movie to watch.  I would highly recommend to watch. But to let you know it's not suitable for young children. 
On Saturday late at night my sister wanted to meet up with some of her friends at Downtown Orlando. So I dropped her off and picked her up. 
Sunday was her last day. I was so happy she was gone. (Just kidding! lol) 
I was a little sad that she was leaving. Wished she could of stayed longer but I know we will FaceTime very soon. We talk almost everyday. 
Can't wait to hang out with her again. 
We already miss her.