Surprise You Are A Mom !: Sleep?


Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The past couple of weeks I haven't been able to go to bed. 
Usually when this happens, I start being productive with this time. There's no toddler following around. I normally take advantage of this time. If there is laundry in the dryer that I accidentally forgot then I'll put away. Or start on a new blog post. This would get me tired enough to go back to bed.
I am not so lucky this time around. It might be nerves with this whole house thing. The millions of things to do if we do get it and the other side of not getting it. 
And to top it all off Mr. T.O.M. (time of the month) came knocking. I know it's probably too much information. But it does play a part, ladies. 
And to top it off my husband got sick this weekend. 
Then I remembered that I haven't gone to the gym in a while. Not gonna say how long cause it's embarrassing. 
I came across the picture below on Facebook and it hit me.

Google Images
 I need to work out! Loved doing it. Why did I stopped ?! As soon as my husband feels better and Mr. T.O.M. leaves then I'll go back to it. 
On a positive note I'm slowly getting in track with my New Years resolution. Drinking more water. I've drank about 1 1/2 bottles which equals to about 24 ounces. This not including the water I normally drink during meals. I'm slowly getting there. Drinking water always felt like a chore for some reason. It will soon be something that I do without thinking.
With this sleeping thing I hope this is a small phase and I'll get back on track. I think working out will help me so it wouldn't be an issue in the future (I hope).