Surprise You Are A Mom !: February 2014


Thursday, February 27, 2014


We are moved in our new house! Yay! 

The past couple of days has been challenging. 
Packing up everything is hard. Especially with a toddler and on top of that trying not to pack the essentials while living in our old apartment. 
My husband and I were very lucky to have his father and sister over for the weekend. They helped out tremendously! 
The reason why I say that it's cause a couple of years ago we were in a car accident and due to that accident my husband has back problems and is very limited. If it weren't for them we would be still trying to move our stuff. 
Friday night we loaded up a good portion of boxes. 
On Saturday my daughter, Jinx, got upset cause her bed was taken apart when she woke up.( she was sleeping in our room cause her grandpa and Tia were staying in her room)  She started crying and asking her grandpa "what happened? Where's my bed?" I felt bad and tried explaining that we are going to the new house. After a few minutes of calming down we had to head out to the new house cause the internet company was coming to install. Besides that we were transporting our kitty cats too! 

She thought it was funny to stay in there

We still had Harvey's( our dog that we had to let go) old crate so we put all 4 cats in there. 
My sister in law , Tammy, and I were cracking up cause all the cats were basically hurdling over Meowface. 
After the internet was installed we headed back to the apartment to help out.
Loading the truck and unloading the truck at the new house it felt like forever. We were all exhausted but glad it is done. 

These were boxes just for the kitchen

Now comes the fun part cleaning and organizing the house. 
I have to say that we are so happy with our new house. We honestly thought that we would never get it. Glad that our Realtor pushed through getting this house for us. That's one New Year's Resolution item checked off from our list! :-D

As you can tell I haven't been blogging or really responding to most of my social medias. But I promise I'll get back at it. :) I hope my office will be in order soon. Majority of our things are still in boxes and I'm slowly trying to get the house in order. Thanks for understanding :) 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Packing up

We are closing on the house this Thursday ! (Only a day away! ) I've been packing up as much as I can everyday. With a toddler it is a bit challenging. 
When my husband and I moved from south Florida to Orlando we boxed everything up either two days or the day before moving. But that was when there was only two of us.

Now that we have a little one we have to take our time and plan ahead. 
Over the past couple of months I started collect boxes from shipment that my husband receives from his work. We knew we would be out of our apartment this year either way. I must say they came in so handy for the move.  But now I'm in need of more. 
One thing I learned from our previous move is to go to publix or your local grocery store and ask if you get some cardboard boxes. You should call in the morning so they can hold some for you before they destroy it. This is a great way to save money instead of buying cardboard boxes. Yeah some cardboard boxes have Smirnoff labels on them. But it's okay let your new neighbors think you are a party animal ;-)
My husband and I are really anxious to get our of our apartment. More so my husband. He just want to get it done. 
So far I've cleared out both bathrooms and kept the essentials. I've also tackled our closet and my daughter's closet and got the majority of stuff our of there. I've used most of our luggage to put in our clothes. 
This was a great time for me to go through items I don't use or don't like. I've realized that I need to go clothes shopping in the future. Not complaining here. Shopping spree here we come. Just kidding we have lot to purchase for the house before focusing on myself.
Any who now I have about 2 full size trash bags of things to donate and a couple of other stuff. 
Since we folded up our clothes we are left with a bunch of empty hangers. Instead of having a chaos of hangers I've tried organizing. 

I all I used was a grocery plastic bag to tie them up. I only used no more than 16 hangers at a time. Seems if you use more than that they don't line up that great. 
Besides packing we are also going to do a final walk through before signing our closing. This is just to make sure there isn't damaged or missing. You never know, it is a foreclosure. So who knows, the previous neighbors decided to break a wall or an intruder take or damage it's structure. 
But I'm more excited to meet our new neighbors. I hope they like us and are nice. Cause we are stuck with them until either we move or they move . And I don't see that happening soon. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

1 Year Later...

Wow! A whole year has gone by!
Happy 1st Blogiversary to me, Surprise You Are A Mom! (Yay!)

I am so grateful that I motivated myself to creating this blog. In the past year I've met some amazing people through this blogging world. If it weren't for this blog then I would of missed out on these opportunities.
I've learned over the year how to become a better blogger. I'm not saying that I am an expert cause I'm still learning. But I am better. Looking over some of my first posts you'll see how much I've improved.
Not only have I learned to become a better blogger but I am also inspired by my fellow bloggers. Your creativity and your stories help me keep going as parent, wife, friend, scrapbooker and of course blogger. 
I want to take the time to say thank to my followers! It means the world to me that you take the time to read my posts and leave comments. :-)
For those that follow me you have noticed that I don't share any pictures of my family's faces or even my face for that matter. One of the reasons why I didn't want to show my face it's cause I didn't feel comfortable at sharing these pictures to the whole internet. I am not saying that I am ashamed of my appearance. It's just I'm extremely cautious. After all it is my identity and my family's too. I'm not trying to scare anyone off from posting pictures. I've found ways to protect pictures that are mine by water marking them in each picture.
It's so simple to do you can use Pic Monkey or even phone apps like Rhonna Designs
After a year of meet all of you wonderful bloggers that show pictures of themselves and their families it gives me courage to post up my pictures of me and my family. 
So here it goes! 
Introducing you to me!
You now have face to person that posts on this blog :)
My husband , Bryan, and I 
Our first Christmas as a family
She is so tiny!
Now to also introduce to you to my daughter, Jinx.
 The one that caused me to start blogging. 

Can't wait for what this new year will bring!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Crafts

Can't believe it's almost mid February !
Where does the time go?
Today I want to share a couple of crafts that my daughter and I made together.

Valentine's Day Countdown
What you'll need are the following:
3 sheets of paper ( 1 white, 2 purple; you can pick whichever colors you like)

All you do is write on the white sheet of paper 1 through 14 . 
Then cut out 14 hearts 
If your kid is learning how to write this would be a great opportunity for them to write out the word February on a different color sheet. 
Attach the title February to the sheet with the numbers. 
Then everyday you'll add a heart to the number. Another great way to learn numbers by counting how many hearts there are so far.

Heart Banner 
This is pretty easy to make 
All you will need are the following:
Construction paper 
Paint/crayons (optional) 
Hole puncher 

There are various ways to make this banner you make multiple triangles, squares or banner tags. I chose to go with the heart shape , since it is for valentines day. 

First you'll need to cut a punch of hearts from the construction paper. We went with the red and pink colors but you can pick which ever. 

Then you can decorate each heart with stickers. We found some foam shaped stickers at Walmart for under $2. If you feel adventurous you can let them paint whatever they desire. 

After you are done decorating it , you'll need your hole puncher to make two holes per heart. This will allow the string to go threw.
Then all you'll need to do is hang it up where ever you'll like.

Love You to Pieces Collage 
What you'll need: 
1 sheet of of construction paper
scraps from previous projects
paint (optional)

On the sheet of construction paper you'll draw a heart.
Then you'll you get your scraps of paper and start gluing them within the shape.
The following is optional
You can paint your child's hands to do a print on the heart. 
Ours didn't turn out so good cause my daughter hates anything on her hand. 

Last year I posted up what we did for Valentine's Day. Our daughter was a bit younger, so we didn't so many crafts like we did this year. But either way she was excited to see the decor and received her gift. If you are interested what we did last year check it out here.
I hope this gives you ideas for this valentine's day! 
And have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Well we finally submitted our notice to vacate our apartment complex!
Our closing deadline is the 15th of February. (but we might need an extension on that) We are really excited and nervous! 
If this house doesn't close on time or something pops up then we have no home to live in past February. 
I say that cause our mortgage specialist is not as thorough as we like. And that makes us uneasy. Unfortunately it's too late in the game to change our mortgage specialist. So we are stuck. 
We always contact her to make sure she has all the documents that she needs or ask for a status update on our case. 
Either way we are out of this apartment by the 28th!

Google Image

We do have a back up plan. Which is to move to Ft Lauderdale temporarily and put majority of our stuff in storage. We are very lucky that my husband's job is currently remote from home. So it makes this a bit less stressful. My sister in law lives in a house with extra rooms so we can stay with her. This is something I hope we don't have to resort to, but it is nice to have that option. The positive of living in Ft Lauderdale temporarily is that we will be closer to family. 
I am just going to start packing little by little everyday. Cause either way we are out of here.
Since we are sure that we are getting this house we are looking through furniture.
We have to do a couple pricey and important purchases before we look into decorating. But my husband really wants to make sure we have a dinning room table.
But not any dinning room table. He wants a 10 seater kind of table.
I've looked and and looked. There are only a select few options. Some of the style we don't like or it doesn't look sturdy or good quality. We finally stubble upon the following picture:

I honestly don't like it but I am willing to compromise if we get a different chairs. 
We both agreed that the chair are not appealing. We have no idea what chairs would look good with this table. So if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below. 
We are so eager to moving from this apartment. Living here for the past 5 years is enough for us. 
Every time when we visit family and stay in their spacious houses we come back to feeling like this: 

Obviously we don't break a bunch of lamps but glad we will have more space soon. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Big Lots Haul

I wanted to share my Big Lots! haul. I found some incredible deals there. Whenever I get a chance I always look through the items they carry. The closest location is out of the way of my normal route. But this time I was going shopping without toddler. And that's rare! So I took advantage.
I was still trying to get over my cold and my husband was nice enough to keep an eye on her while I shop. 
My goal was mainly to purchase household items like cleaning items or even food. 
I was surprise to find more. 
And no Big Lots! Did not pay me to go to their store. I just like a good deal without all the couponing stress.

I want to let you know that the following items you might or might not find at your local store. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't go. You can miss an awesome deal!

One thing I always see very consistent is their stores are the Mr Clean products starting about $1 to up to $10. I just want to mention that 'spring cleaning' is creeping up. So it's nice to be prepared and save. 
Here is my Big Lots! Haul.

I hope you enjoyed the video.
Give it thumbs up if you like it and don't forget to subscribe to my channel: Surprise You Are A Mom!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge #3

2014 blogger challenge topic is a book review ! 
I  could of done a couple of my few favorite books to review. Like Catcher In The Rye , True Bliss by Stella Cameron, The Great Gatsby , or Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris to name a few.

Some might be turned off by the word feminist. And that's alright.
I was introduced to this book through an Intro to Women's Studies class that I took in college. I was in love with this course and sad when I had to turn in my last assignment for the class. 
This book opened my eyes and reminded me of our accomplishments as women. 
It gives you the reality of what feminism is. A majority of people and this includes women feel or actually believe it to be a dirty word. But they don't know why. This book explains all the myths associated with the F-word; feminism. 
 One of my favorite part of the book is the following: 
Man hater.
Bra burner .

These are some of the negative words that regularly surface when I ask what comes to mind when they hear the word "feminist." But for me, "independence," "strength," and "equality" come to mind when I think of feminism. " (page 1) 
And I agree with Seely. Feminism should be something that everyone should be proud of and that includes men too. 
This book is a tool on how to be a better feminist. How to be an activist not only for important events but in your daily lives. 
It even goes over women's history , women's health and women's bodies, rape and abortion and more. Some of these topics can be touchy for some but if you read this with an open mind you'll appreciate its voice. 
This is not a book of just the author's opinion but it's backed up with data. Surveys that we done, references are given through either books , publications and even movies. 
This a book worth reading. You might surprise yourself of what you'll learn. 
Whenever a semester was over I always sold my books but this one I kept. Hoping to share this with my future children. And now that I have a little girl I am definitely can't wait to.  Even though she is very young I still want to teach her about feminism. I try to incorporate as much as I can from what I learned from this book and personal experience. 
Let me know if you read this book or anything similar to this topic by commenting below. :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mommy Can't Afford A Sick Day!

The sick bug decided to hit me! 
It started on Thursday night with a tickling of the throat. always the throat! So I acted fast. I usually stock up on cold medications, teas and honey after the previous wave of the cold. I was lucky enough to have gone to the store early that week to purchase some lemons. That night I made quick cough drop. I just use about a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Very simple to do if you are out of cough drops.
When I lived with my parents my mom would make something similar. But she makes a cups worth of it and leaves it on the counter. I always ask her whats in it but refuses to tell me. I have a feeling its a tad bit of vodka, a load of honey and lemon juice. You were only allowed take about a spoon's worth to soothe your throat. It was heaven every time I would take when my throat was killing me. 
The following day hit me really hard. Aching, stuffy nose, throat hurting. Let's just say I was thankful that my husband was there to take care of our little one. He was in the process of getting fully recovered from his cold, but was still able to manage our daughter. Friday I was completely gone. 
Apparently we watched movies and TV shows which I don't remember. I was NyQuiled out. 
Drank tea with lemon every time I was awake and had soup of course. 
Friday night no one was cooking and I was really craving Wendy's. I know the worst choice when one is sick. But I really wanted that spicy chicken sandwich. Again no one was cooking and I was stubborn about it too.
I have to say that our daughter was the best. Wasn't really troublesome at all. We kept her occupied with her LeapFrog apps or coloring. Whenever I had the energy I would just sit down with her and just color. 
Saturday I felt much better but it was up and down throughout the day. I was able to make dinner and clean up right afterwards. But I was exhausted when I was done. 
Today (Superbowl Sunday) I felt great. Still stuffy but that will go away soon. 
I recovered pretty quick compared to my husband.
He was surprised how much energy I had today.

It's funny how when mommy is sick everything falls apart. Some reason my husband doesn't know "how to cook" or "clean dishes" or anything else I usually do to maintain our home.
I want to take time to apologize to my  followers in Twitter or Instagram. I am usually more active there but as you guys now know I was just sick. 
Our family doesn't follow Superbowl Sunday. We watch the commercials through Hulu or YouTube. 
But there is one commercial that I've known about for a while and I finally watched the full commercial. 
It was filmed here in Orlando (to be more specific, Winter Park) 
It got me teary eyed and reminded me to appreciate those that fought for us.

But as for the game? This is our family's reaction :

If you are a fan of the show, IT Crowd, you'll understand it's humor. 
My husband and I are such dorks we quote it quite frequently. 
I believe it's in Hulu and Netflix if you are interested in watching it.
I hope you enjoyed your fun and safe Superbowl Sunday! :)