Surprise You Are A Mom !: 2014 Blogger Challenge #3


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge #3

2014 blogger challenge topic is a book review ! 
I  could of done a couple of my few favorite books to review. Like Catcher In The Rye , True Bliss by Stella Cameron, The Great Gatsby , or Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris to name a few.

Some might be turned off by the word feminist. And that's alright.
I was introduced to this book through an Intro to Women's Studies class that I took in college. I was in love with this course and sad when I had to turn in my last assignment for the class. 
This book opened my eyes and reminded me of our accomplishments as women. 
It gives you the reality of what feminism is. A majority of people and this includes women feel or actually believe it to be a dirty word. But they don't know why. This book explains all the myths associated with the F-word; feminism. 
 One of my favorite part of the book is the following: 
Man hater.
Bra burner .

These are some of the negative words that regularly surface when I ask what comes to mind when they hear the word "feminist." But for me, "independence," "strength," and "equality" come to mind when I think of feminism. " (page 1) 
And I agree with Seely. Feminism should be something that everyone should be proud of and that includes men too. 
This book is a tool on how to be a better feminist. How to be an activist not only for important events but in your daily lives. 
It even goes over women's history , women's health and women's bodies, rape and abortion and more. Some of these topics can be touchy for some but if you read this with an open mind you'll appreciate its voice. 
This is not a book of just the author's opinion but it's backed up with data. Surveys that we done, references are given through either books , publications and even movies. 
This a book worth reading. You might surprise yourself of what you'll learn. 
Whenever a semester was over I always sold my books but this one I kept. Hoping to share this with my future children. And now that I have a little girl I am definitely can't wait to.  Even though she is very young I still want to teach her about feminism. I try to incorporate as much as I can from what I learned from this book and personal experience. 
Let me know if you read this book or anything similar to this topic by commenting below. :)