Surprise You Are A Mom !: Big Lots Haul


Friday, February 7, 2014

Big Lots Haul

I wanted to share my Big Lots! haul. I found some incredible deals there. Whenever I get a chance I always look through the items they carry. The closest location is out of the way of my normal route. But this time I was going shopping without toddler. And that's rare! So I took advantage.
I was still trying to get over my cold and my husband was nice enough to keep an eye on her while I shop. 
My goal was mainly to purchase household items like cleaning items or even food. 
I was surprise to find more. 
And no Big Lots! Did not pay me to go to their store. I just like a good deal without all the couponing stress.

I want to let you know that the following items you might or might not find at your local store. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't go. You can miss an awesome deal!

One thing I always see very consistent is their stores are the Mr Clean products starting about $1 to up to $10. I just want to mention that 'spring cleaning' is creeping up. So it's nice to be prepared and save. 
Here is my Big Lots! Haul.

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