Surprise You Are A Mom !: Finally!


Thursday, February 27, 2014


We are moved in our new house! Yay! 

The past couple of days has been challenging. 
Packing up everything is hard. Especially with a toddler and on top of that trying not to pack the essentials while living in our old apartment. 
My husband and I were very lucky to have his father and sister over for the weekend. They helped out tremendously! 
The reason why I say that it's cause a couple of years ago we were in a car accident and due to that accident my husband has back problems and is very limited. If it weren't for them we would be still trying to move our stuff. 
Friday night we loaded up a good portion of boxes. 
On Saturday my daughter, Jinx, got upset cause her bed was taken apart when she woke up.( she was sleeping in our room cause her grandpa and Tia were staying in her room)  She started crying and asking her grandpa "what happened? Where's my bed?" I felt bad and tried explaining that we are going to the new house. After a few minutes of calming down we had to head out to the new house cause the internet company was coming to install. Besides that we were transporting our kitty cats too! 

She thought it was funny to stay in there

We still had Harvey's( our dog that we had to let go) old crate so we put all 4 cats in there. 
My sister in law , Tammy, and I were cracking up cause all the cats were basically hurdling over Meowface. 
After the internet was installed we headed back to the apartment to help out.
Loading the truck and unloading the truck at the new house it felt like forever. We were all exhausted but glad it is done. 

These were boxes just for the kitchen

Now comes the fun part cleaning and organizing the house. 
I have to say that we are so happy with our new house. We honestly thought that we would never get it. Glad that our Realtor pushed through getting this house for us. That's one New Year's Resolution item checked off from our list! :-D

As you can tell I haven't been blogging or really responding to most of my social medias. But I promise I'll get back at it. :) I hope my office will be in order soon. Majority of our things are still in boxes and I'm slowly trying to get the house in order. Thanks for understanding :)