Surprise You Are A Mom !: Mommy Can't Afford A Sick Day!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mommy Can't Afford A Sick Day!

The sick bug decided to hit me! 
It started on Thursday night with a tickling of the throat. always the throat! So I acted fast. I usually stock up on cold medications, teas and honey after the previous wave of the cold. I was lucky enough to have gone to the store early that week to purchase some lemons. That night I made quick cough drop. I just use about a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Very simple to do if you are out of cough drops.
When I lived with my parents my mom would make something similar. But she makes a cups worth of it and leaves it on the counter. I always ask her whats in it but refuses to tell me. I have a feeling its a tad bit of vodka, a load of honey and lemon juice. You were only allowed take about a spoon's worth to soothe your throat. It was heaven every time I would take when my throat was killing me. 
The following day hit me really hard. Aching, stuffy nose, throat hurting. Let's just say I was thankful that my husband was there to take care of our little one. He was in the process of getting fully recovered from his cold, but was still able to manage our daughter. Friday I was completely gone. 
Apparently we watched movies and TV shows which I don't remember. I was NyQuiled out. 
Drank tea with lemon every time I was awake and had soup of course. 
Friday night no one was cooking and I was really craving Wendy's. I know the worst choice when one is sick. But I really wanted that spicy chicken sandwich. Again no one was cooking and I was stubborn about it too.
I have to say that our daughter was the best. Wasn't really troublesome at all. We kept her occupied with her LeapFrog apps or coloring. Whenever I had the energy I would just sit down with her and just color. 
Saturday I felt much better but it was up and down throughout the day. I was able to make dinner and clean up right afterwards. But I was exhausted when I was done. 
Today (Superbowl Sunday) I felt great. Still stuffy but that will go away soon. 
I recovered pretty quick compared to my husband.
He was surprised how much energy I had today.

It's funny how when mommy is sick everything falls apart. Some reason my husband doesn't know "how to cook" or "clean dishes" or anything else I usually do to maintain our home.
I want to take time to apologize to my  followers in Twitter or Instagram. I am usually more active there but as you guys now know I was just sick. 
Our family doesn't follow Superbowl Sunday. We watch the commercials through Hulu or YouTube. 
But there is one commercial that I've known about for a while and I finally watched the full commercial. 
It was filmed here in Orlando (to be more specific, Winter Park) 
It got me teary eyed and reminded me to appreciate those that fought for us.

But as for the game? This is our family's reaction :

If you are a fan of the show, IT Crowd, you'll understand it's humor. 
My husband and I are such dorks we quote it quite frequently. 
I believe it's in Hulu and Netflix if you are interested in watching it.
I hope you enjoyed your fun and safe Superbowl Sunday! :)