Surprise You Are A Mom !: Moving?


Sunday, February 9, 2014


Well we finally submitted our notice to vacate our apartment complex!
Our closing deadline is the 15th of February. (but we might need an extension on that) We are really excited and nervous! 
If this house doesn't close on time or something pops up then we have no home to live in past February. 
I say that cause our mortgage specialist is not as thorough as we like. And that makes us uneasy. Unfortunately it's too late in the game to change our mortgage specialist. So we are stuck. 
We always contact her to make sure she has all the documents that she needs or ask for a status update on our case. 
Either way we are out of this apartment by the 28th!

Google Image

We do have a back up plan. Which is to move to Ft Lauderdale temporarily and put majority of our stuff in storage. We are very lucky that my husband's job is currently remote from home. So it makes this a bit less stressful. My sister in law lives in a house with extra rooms so we can stay with her. This is something I hope we don't have to resort to, but it is nice to have that option. The positive of living in Ft Lauderdale temporarily is that we will be closer to family. 
I am just going to start packing little by little everyday. Cause either way we are out of here.
Since we are sure that we are getting this house we are looking through furniture.
We have to do a couple pricey and important purchases before we look into decorating. But my husband really wants to make sure we have a dinning room table.
But not any dinning room table. He wants a 10 seater kind of table.
I've looked and and looked. There are only a select few options. Some of the style we don't like or it doesn't look sturdy or good quality. We finally stubble upon the following picture:

I honestly don't like it but I am willing to compromise if we get a different chairs. 
We both agreed that the chair are not appealing. We have no idea what chairs would look good with this table. So if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below. 
We are so eager to moving from this apartment. Living here for the past 5 years is enough for us. 
Every time when we visit family and stay in their spacious houses we come back to feeling like this: 

Obviously we don't break a bunch of lamps but glad we will have more space soon.