Surprise You Are A Mom !: Packing up


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Packing up

We are closing on the house this Thursday ! (Only a day away! ) I've been packing up as much as I can everyday. With a toddler it is a bit challenging. 
When my husband and I moved from south Florida to Orlando we boxed everything up either two days or the day before moving. But that was when there was only two of us.

Now that we have a little one we have to take our time and plan ahead. 
Over the past couple of months I started collect boxes from shipment that my husband receives from his work. We knew we would be out of our apartment this year either way. I must say they came in so handy for the move.  But now I'm in need of more. 
One thing I learned from our previous move is to go to publix or your local grocery store and ask if you get some cardboard boxes. You should call in the morning so they can hold some for you before they destroy it. This is a great way to save money instead of buying cardboard boxes. Yeah some cardboard boxes have Smirnoff labels on them. But it's okay let your new neighbors think you are a party animal ;-)
My husband and I are really anxious to get our of our apartment. More so my husband. He just want to get it done. 
So far I've cleared out both bathrooms and kept the essentials. I've also tackled our closet and my daughter's closet and got the majority of stuff our of there. I've used most of our luggage to put in our clothes. 
This was a great time for me to go through items I don't use or don't like. I've realized that I need to go clothes shopping in the future. Not complaining here. Shopping spree here we come. Just kidding we have lot to purchase for the house before focusing on myself.
Any who now I have about 2 full size trash bags of things to donate and a couple of other stuff. 
Since we folded up our clothes we are left with a bunch of empty hangers. Instead of having a chaos of hangers I've tried organizing. 

I all I used was a grocery plastic bag to tie them up. I only used no more than 16 hangers at a time. Seems if you use more than that they don't line up that great. 
Besides packing we are also going to do a final walk through before signing our closing. This is just to make sure there isn't damaged or missing. You never know, it is a foreclosure. So who knows, the previous neighbors decided to break a wall or an intruder take or damage it's structure. 
But I'm more excited to meet our new neighbors. I hope they like us and are nice. Cause we are stuck with them until either we move or they move . And I don't see that happening soon.