Surprise You Are A Mom !: Valentine's Day Crafts


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Crafts

Can't believe it's almost mid February !
Where does the time go?
Today I want to share a couple of crafts that my daughter and I made together.

Valentine's Day Countdown
What you'll need are the following:
3 sheets of paper ( 1 white, 2 purple; you can pick whichever colors you like)

All you do is write on the white sheet of paper 1 through 14 . 
Then cut out 14 hearts 
If your kid is learning how to write this would be a great opportunity for them to write out the word February on a different color sheet. 
Attach the title February to the sheet with the numbers. 
Then everyday you'll add a heart to the number. Another great way to learn numbers by counting how many hearts there are so far.

Heart Banner 
This is pretty easy to make 
All you will need are the following:
Construction paper 
Paint/crayons (optional) 
Hole puncher 

There are various ways to make this banner you make multiple triangles, squares or banner tags. I chose to go with the heart shape , since it is for valentines day. 

First you'll need to cut a punch of hearts from the construction paper. We went with the red and pink colors but you can pick which ever. 

Then you can decorate each heart with stickers. We found some foam shaped stickers at Walmart for under $2. If you feel adventurous you can let them paint whatever they desire. 

After you are done decorating it , you'll need your hole puncher to make two holes per heart. This will allow the string to go threw.
Then all you'll need to do is hang it up where ever you'll like.

Love You to Pieces Collage 
What you'll need: 
1 sheet of of construction paper
scraps from previous projects
paint (optional)

On the sheet of construction paper you'll draw a heart.
Then you'll you get your scraps of paper and start gluing them within the shape.
The following is optional
You can paint your child's hands to do a print on the heart. 
Ours didn't turn out so good cause my daughter hates anything on her hand. 

Last year I posted up what we did for Valentine's Day. Our daughter was a bit younger, so we didn't so many crafts like we did this year. But either way she was excited to see the decor and received her gift. If you are interested what we did last year check it out here.
I hope this gives you ideas for this valentine's day! 
And have a wonderful Valentine's Day!