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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Home Improvement, BBQ, TV shows

This past week was great. We had my husband's team over for the BBQ, water fights and movie night. 
I couldn't find water balloons at the stores so they had to resort to playing water-version of War. From what I understand its whoever has the highest card wins and gets to throw a cup of water in the other opponent's face. They did this for a while in the backyard. Well until it was time to BBQ. 
My husband's team always prefers to have my husband cook over going out to a restaurant. That's how good his bbq is. Plus we love to entertain.
The guys brought a bunch of beer that filled up a drawer in the freezer which was later name 'the beer drawer'. My husband and I are not beer drinkers so this was amusing to us.
As we headed towards the night we started watching movies but it later turned into YouTube party. 
We have a Chromecast that is hooked on our TV. Anyone that has smartphone or tablet/ipad was able to access it. So we threw on funny YouTube videos there. It's a great way to interact with a group. 
The following morning was the aftermath. Majority of the house was in pretty good shape. I always clean as I go to make my life easier. I do that with my everyday cleaning and especially when we entertain.

the before.

the after -so clean. only last for a couple hours till lunch time
I had a large pile of dishes to clean. But it was manageable. 
That day we took it easy and enjoyed the day and relaxed.

our delicious leftovers. I opted for a salad instead of carbs
We lay couple of blankets and pillows on our living room floor and watched my husband play Dead Rising 3 DLC. Later on we watched some other movies as well. There was no cooking needed to be done. We enjoyed eating our leftovers.

The following day it was back to business. Husband working from home and I cleaning or organizing as always. I finally cleaned the containers that I bought from Goodwill last week. I gotta say I am loving my organized closet. It needs a bit more work but at least my stuff are not falling over due to the wire shelves. 
After my husband was done with work for the day we watched Tangled! 
This was the first time Jinx watched the movie. I always play the songs but she never really knew where it was from. Once she saw movie title and heard the song "when will my Life begin" she got really excited.

Of course she tried to sing it. It was adorable as always. 
Over the weekend we had my husband's dad stay with us. We went to Home Depot for a couple of hours.
We finally picked out a colors for the living room/my office, the master bedroom &bath and dinning room/ kitchen. 
We picked out Behr's French Rose with primer for our dinning room. 
At first, I didn't want to go with such a dramatic color. I wanted to play safe and go with some neutral colors. But after many discussions and online search for pictures of red dinning rooms for inspiration I started to fall in love with this color. I have to say my husband was right at picking out the color. I thought it would be too much but it actually isn't. We only purchased one gallon to test it out. That one gallon covered a lot of wall space. It still needs a second coat of paint and it will be perfect. There are 2 walls left to be painted but I think 2-3 more gallons should be enough to cover it. 
Can't wait till it is officially done!

our helpers. She enjoyed painting very much.
What colors did you pick for your dinning room? Do you have any tips for us?
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