Surprise You Are A Mom !: Puppy Surprise


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Puppy Surprise

This past weekend has been great. We had enough cool weather to leave our windows open it was so nice. The first cool night was too cold so we closed a couple of windows. Yay on saving on electricity! 
Recently my husband is getting used to the A/C being on 75 degrees . Mind you he always loves the A/C being the temperature of Antarctica. 
As far as home related projects we didn't do much then deep clean a couple of rooms. Our home project helper, AKA my father-in-law, didn't come and visited us this weekend. He is basically our security blanket when it comes to home projects. Since he wasn't here then there wasn't any projects done.

getting creative on the driveway 
My daughter, Jinx and I have been taking advantage of the nice weather so we take long walks around our community. Where we live now you'll see kids playing outside. This is something that I have not seen in many years. And there is even an ice cream truck too!

I'm guessing these were cranes but there are bigger ones around here
We have a couple of lakes/ponds close by that we see ducks and their ducklings passing by. There are also have a bunch of cranes in the area. According to my husband you can't feed these birds cause they tend to get aggressive towards humans. I had to teach my daughter to not run towards these birds. If it were up to her she would just squeeze them so hard like a stuff animal. 
On Sunday night we had a late visitor. It was a white fluffy puppy! He was scratching our door for our attention. I open the door and the dog felt as if this was his/her home and came right in. Our neighbor Maria asked us if it was our dog. We told her no but I had an idea who it was. 
She said that she tried to give it some commands but wouldn't listen to her. But when I gave it commands he/she listened to me. My daughter fell in love with him/her. She wanted to hold him/her but I knew it wouldn't be a good idea. 
Our neighbor Maria and I went down a couple of houses from mine to where I thought the owners were. And I was right it was their puppy. They were so grateful that we returned the dog. When Troy, the dog owner, opened the room 2 dogs sneaked out of the house as I was explaining how we found his dog. They had like 4 of the same doggies. So no wonder they lost one.

This is a Google Image but this is what the dog looked like.
Isn't it adorable?! 
I should add that this kind of dog is one of my favorite. I was kinda hoping I didn't find the owners. I know it sounds horrible but this dog was such a cutie. After I explained what happened to Bryan, my husband, he taunts with the idea of getting this kind of dog through my daughter. He asks Jinx if she wants a dog. And of course my daughter smiles and says yes. He sometimes even asks my daughter to ask me if we can get a dog. 
I have to say no in the nicest way possible. I know if we get another dog it's going to my responsibility on top of everything else I do daily.
My husband insists for me to ask our neighbor what kind of dog it is. I might do so some time this week. We will see. Knowing my husband he'll surprise us with a puppy one of these days.