Surprise You Are A Mom !: Wonderful weather, Frozen and Honey Wine


Friday, March 21, 2014

Wonderful weather, Frozen and Honey Wine

It's another quiet week. We go for walks if the weather permits. 
We love our back yard. Using it more and more. 
It's almost a foreign concept for us. We have lived in apartments for such a long time that we have to remind ourselves that we have a backyard. 

We've enjoyed eating our snacks outside in the sunny Florida weather it just been lovely.(sorry for those still stuck with snow)  Jinx gets to disperse her energy. It's also great for my husband. Whenever he gets a few moments to get away from the computer he comes out and enjoys the time outside with us.

eyeing some more sweet treats
This past week we dinned in a local china buffet with some friends that live in the same area. Let's just say that Jinx enjoyed eating there very much especially when it came time for dessert. (Lol) It was so much fun eating out for a change. We always cook all our meals. So this was a nice treat. 
some of our thrift finds
I've always wanted to go thrift shopping. Never really had any reason to do it before or the time. We finally went! I guess we weren't as lucky as other thrifters but we did find a couple of things. I got Winnie the Pooh step stool for my daughter ($3). Anything Disney related can easily cost $15 or more. I would say this was a great find. I also found some clear plastic bins for a $1 each. They needed some cleaning and a bit of peeling of label stickers. I was looking something like this for our bathroom closet to get organized. I also found a Target magnet notepad for $.39. These usually cost a dollar. The last item was not really needed but it was too damn cute to pass up. It was monster hoodie blanket ($6) for Jinx.

my office :)
We've finally cleared up our dinning room from all the boxes. A good portion was from my scrapbooking supplies and scrapbooks. My husband was nice enough to set up my computer in my office. I was basically like a nomad with my laptop. Anywhere I could sit or have table space I was able to blog, pay bills, and etc. 
 I honestly don't really like it cause I wanted a desk with drawers. This desk was my husband's so now I'm stuck with these plastic containers to hold my printer for now. Did I mentioned my office is considered a "formal" living room? So it's open room to the kitchen and living room. I'm in the look out for a nice desk with drawers. I might buy a dresser like item to hold my supplies. We are getting things little by little.

This week we had some wine made out of honey! I know you can ferment pretty much anything but didn't think of honey. It tasted slightly sweeter than wine. The bottle that our friend, Manny, picked out was on the drier side. But was still good.

We also treated ourselves with baking some Hershey's Smore cupcakes while watching the movie Frozen over the weekend. My daughter LOVES the movie. She calls this movie "princess" instead of Frozen.
I created a playlist of songs she likes to listen to on my YouTube Channel: Surprise You Are A Mom!

My daughter and I love to sing "Let it go". It's one of my favorite songs of the whole movie. I'm so happy that Disney picked Idina Menzel to be Elsa. Always loved her since she was in Rent.
Have you seen the movie Frozen? Which character is your favorite?
Which is your favorite song from the movie?
Comment below :)