Surprise You Are A Mom !: Downtown Disney and Easter


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Downtown Disney and Easter

Last week there has been a lot of yard work going on here. 
It's mainly me doing it but my husband helps out too when he can. 
I tried to stay up for the eclipse. I was up until 2 am and was planning to wait till 3 AM. But I guess I was tired. At least I got to see it through my friend's Instagram and facebook pictures. 
Who else was daring to stay up for the eclipse?

driving to the courthouse
We finally went to the courthouse and got our passports done! yay! Last week we were suppose to be traveling to visit Mami Amour. But no passports means no travel. It worked out cause my husband was pulled to do a project for work. 
We should be getting it in the mail next week. 
One thing that upset us is that there was no need for the translation for birth certificate for my husband's passport. I should of double checked the information beforehand. We believe if someone is considered an expert in their job or field then we take their word. It was very upsetting to hear that all we needed was my husband's citzenship (which we had) in order to proceed with the passports. So basically we could have had our passports about a week ago or so. It's done so there is nothing we could do now.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite YouTube-ers , Cole from Mommytipsbycole. I've been watching her videos prior to me having my daughter. I also met another YouTube-er  Erica from frombrainstobeauty. Never heard of her until now. She is super sweet and nice. I am now a subscriber of hers.
I am trying out vlogging. So here is a vlog from our meet up at Downtown Disney Florida. I hope you guys like it if there is a need of improvement let me know. Always willing to listen to others opinions. 

Over the course of the our Easter Weekend, we had my father-in-law staying with us. We finished a bunch of projects around the house. We painted our living room, my office, kitchen and dinning room. 
We tested the color in the kitchen and I have to say I am not fond of the color. My husband insisted on trying out the color. He likes it but I like it better for the living room. So I have to see what colors will go well for the kitchen.

On Easter, we were still finishing up with some of our home improvement projects. But we did end up relaxing. We had an Easter egg hunt. This was the first one that Jinx had the pleasure of doing it in a backyard. Her first Easter she was very young and last year she enjoyed it but it was indoors. 
We also had our friend, Liz, visiting and staying over for the night. She got Jinx another Easter Basket and some goodies for my husband and I.

our painted living room! yay! excuse the chaos of furniture

Next weekend I am really excited cause my parents, siblings and my Abuelita are visiting us in our new house for the first time! Well my sister was here before but for the rest it will be their first time. Not only that but we are celebrating my Dad's 50th Birthday! And we can't wait.

How was your Easter? Did you enjoyed my vlog? Would like me to make weekly vlogs?
Love to hear your thoughts so comment down below :)