Surprise You Are A Mom !: Madison Street Beauty Eye Shadow Review


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Madison Street Beauty Eye Shadow Review

Thanks to my friend Annie from Annie A to Z she recommended me Madison Street Beauty
This beauty company is unique. Not only is it a mineral based company but it is 100% all natural & vegan. 
Which means no random chemicals or animal products in the makeup. 
I was very excited to receive my eye shadows in the mail. Madison Street Beauty were kind enough to send me some eye shadows to test out myself. 
Here is my video review of Madison Street Beauty: 

Here are the eye shadows up close

I absolutely love this company that I already purchased their lip sheers and also going to purchase their foundation, bronzer and blush in the near future. 
For those that want to purchase or are on a budget, I am happy to say I have a promo code for you. 
The code is URAMOM and this will give you 50% off your first purchase (no minimum or max required)! 
How exciting is that?! But don't wait to long. 
This code will only last till June 2014!

Please let me know if you purchased these eye shadows or any product from Madison Street Beauty by commenting below :) 
I hope you have a beautiful weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

This post is provided by Madison Street Beauty but all my opinions are my own. I would not recommend anything that I wouldn't personally purchase/like.