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Monday, June 2, 2014

Cetaphil Review

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Today I'm sharing my opinion on Cetaphil cleansing cloths. These were given by Influenster to be to reviewed. I wasn't paid for this review the only attachment is to give my honest opinion on the product. 
This product is great for those with gentle/sensitive skin. I don't suffer from sensitive skin but the cloths it self as really soft. 
Like I mentioned on the video the cloths have these circular ridges. I feel that these ridges are beneficial when it comes to cleaning up dirt or makeup. Also this item is unscented. No floral or sweet smell to linger on your face. There are days that I don't want to smell that so these cloths are a great alternative. 
A great bonus is its packaging. It does come with a hard plastic lid. It secures your cloths and doesn't dry them out. I've had other cleansing cloths that rely on the stickiness of the flap and after so many times opening and closing it doesn't properly close. This results with some drier cloths. 
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I hope you enjoy this review. 
What are your go to cleansing cloths? Do you use a different product to clean your face?
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