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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Floors are done!

You can watch our week below:
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This past week; we were having crazy weather in Florida. It would rain nonstop at times or its stop and go rain throughout the day. 

There is really nothing eventful going on this week. Other than we finally got our floors done!

So happy to that it is done. Hopefully we can now focus on the yard and decorating the house. 
This week I got sick again! I feel that ever since I've became a stay at home mom I've gotten sick more often. Do you have this problem ? I feel like I am the only one. 
Even though I was sick I volunteered myself to painting my husband's office. I know it's crazy of me to do so. But this was our chance to do so with all furniture out of the way. 

It turned out great and my husband loved how it turned out :) Surprisingly enough it was very soothing painting the room. I just put on Pandora and listen to music. It was like my "me time". My husband was keeping my daughter busy while I was painting which was nice. 
Our dog, Moxxi, is getting bigger. We are having the nibbling issue but its cause she is teething. So it's normal. I hope this doesn't become a permanent thing. Moxxi is getting better at potty training. I honestly feel like I have another baby in the house. My daughter instigates her and Moxxi contributes by being a pup and barking. Trying to teach Jinx that the dog has limits. 
I hope you have a wonderful week!
If you have any doggy tips for me then comment down below :)

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