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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hard Decision & Turning Three!

Sorry I am a week behind with my vlog. Down below are my vlogs if you want to watch them. 
There wasn't really any excuse to be honest. I guess I wanted to be more selfish with my time and spend it with my family. Hence me not vlogging Monday(6/2). 

My husband's birthday was on Tuesday. And not only was it his birthday but it was our dating anniversary (10 years!!) and our engagement anniversary (5 years!!). As a gift for my husband, my daughter and I made a DIY Star Wars Art (you can check it out how to make it in the link below) We are not really big on exchanging gifts like we used to. I guess cause we both agree on that the money can be used on the house since its our biggest priority besides our daughter. 

It's been challenging with the dogs. This week we had to make a hard decision with one of our dogs. We had to return Carlos (black lab) to the animal shelter. He was just too much for us. He was extremely hyperactive. More than we anticipated. I was a little sad and hope he finds a home that suits him better.

The following week it was my daughter's birthday! So of course I had to start getting the house ready for my family. Every year on her birthday week always falls on the most excessive raining days. Good thing we didn't plan a birthday party like I wanted to. 
 We didn't do anything major other than a dinner and spending time with family. Even though we didn't have a party for Jinx. I still wanted to make it special. I made a birthday banner, cupcakes and decorated the house with streamers. Jinx was very excited with all the decorations.
I can't believe that she is now 3! It's so crazy to think that she will start school next year. The school hasn't started and I am so nervous! Right now I'm just going to enjoy the time with her. 
Also there is a mini Michaels haul in my vlog. When I go to Michaels I can't just get what I need (lol) I always end up finding sales that are hard to pass up!

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