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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Protect Your Eyes

As far as I can remember my mom always wore sunglasses. We lived in sunny Miami, Florida so I didn't really think it was big deal. In my teenage years I really loved wearing sunglasses. They were always a great accessory. Girls just love to accessorize and I was no exception. Again never really thinking about if it were beneficial for my eyes.
Over the years my husband pokes fun of the variety of sunglasses that I own. He doesn't understand why I have so many (which I don't). But now I have acquired some knowledge , thanks to The Vision Council, that can help my argument and probably change my husband's view on sunglasses.
If you follow me on Instagram I have a variety of pictures of my daughter and I. And majority of them are of us wearing sunglasses. She has a bigger collection that I do and she is only three! 
Without me realizing it I am creating good habits for my daughter which will protect her for the future.
Just by simply having her wear sunglasses.
You might be asking why are protecting your eyes so important?
It's highly important more for children from infant age till they are 18 years old to protect their eyes since their eyes are not fully developed yet. The reason being that children receive THREE times the annual adult dose of UV radiation since their eyes are not fully developed
In a mature eye, behind the iris there is a lens which filter out the UV but children under 18 years old don't have this fully developed.

Before I had my daughter and even after I always thought it was funny that stores would sell sunglasses for infants/children. Always perceived it was a way to have parents fall into "oh so cute" trap to spend money on them. Little did I know at the time that there was a purpose for them!
I know I am emphasizing to protect your children's eyes but you, as an adult, have to protect your eyes as well. There are short term and long term vision problems that are due to not protecting your eyes.
In the short term you have things such as  Photokeratitis (fancy word for sunburn on the eye), irritation, redness, swelling, and hyper sensitivity to light. 
This can happen at the beach/pool to just walking down the street. Yes these are short term issues that will go away but as you get older you will see the long term UV-related eye damage. Such as premature aging of the skin (wrinkles and sunspots), pterygium (abnormal growths on the eye and eyelid), Cataracts, Macular degeneration, Cancer of the eye, eyelid and surrounding skin. 

Just as we protect our skin with sunblock we must protect our eyes. But how do you protect yours eyes?
It is simple! Just by wearing UV protective eyewear (UVA & UVB) is a great start! 
You can even go further by finding the sunglasses that have the following : anti-reflective (cut down on glare this will minimize squinting), impact resistant ( it doesn't crack or break into the eye) , mirror coated, photochromic (great for those who wear eyeglasses), polarized, warparound,  or scratch resistant. You won't find everything in one pair of sunglasses but these are just an added bonus.

The Vision Council was nice enough to send me some cool 100% UV and polarized sunglasses from TUMI. Also Jinx is adding another pair of sunglasses to her collection. They are from a brand called Banz World of the Banz Adventure line. I honestly never heard of this brand before. I feel that these would be perfect for those with infants since it wraps around the head and it has an adjustable Velcro.

There are a variety of sunglasses out there from different colors to different frameworks as well as price.
You don't have to break your budget to protect your eyes. Just remember to look for sunglasses that are UV protective.
I am so appreciative that my mom has influenced me into wearing sunglasses on a daily basis. If it weren't for her I know that I would have a higher chance of having UV related eye problems in the future.
With her influence I am now creating a great habit for my daughter and protecting her as well.

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Join the fun and spread the word of protecting your eyes!

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Disclosure: The Vision Council gifted me products for my post. I would not post anything that I wouldn't agree/like.