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Saturday, June 7, 2014


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Another week passed by. Can you believe we are entering June?! Time has passed by so fast. 
This week we were expecting to do our floors for the second floor but our special order didn't arrive on time. Either way I've attempted to be proactive and start moving our things downstairs. 
Hope to have this flooring done with soon. 
I moved my daughter's kitchen right by my kitchen. And ever since then she has been using it more than before. She loves to play cook and offers us dinner and coffee. It's too adorable. 

It's been pretty much normal. Other than Sunday. We adopted two puppies! Well one is a year old it's a male named Carlos. The other one is 2 months old it's a female. It is very unexpected of us. 
We won't have them til the following week. 
Our local animal shelter is participating on the ASPCA Rachel Ray's Challenge. Basically 50 animal shelters nationwide are competing to see which one has the highest adoption rate to rescue animals. The highest will win money for the animal shelter to continue to save more animals. 

How was your week? 
Any name suggestions for our new furry babies? 
Love to hear from you so comment down below :)

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