Surprise You Are A Mom !: DIY 4th of July Lanterns & Stars


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY 4th of July Lanterns & Stars

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Today I'm sharing two projects to decorate for the July 4th!
You can use this concept to decorate for any country holiday or even for the World Cup!
This project is simple for younger kids. My daughter enjoyed making these. 

:::The things you will need:::
Hole Puncher
Construction Paper

:::How to Make Lanterns:::
1. For the first project you will need to do is fold the paper in half and use the scissors to cut the paper almost in strips. You will leave a gap on the end that is not cut. 
This is a great way for your child to learn to cut with safety scissors

2. After you are done with that open your paper and make it in to a cylinder shape by gluing the ends

3.Then you'll hole punch the top part of the lantern to add your ribbon. 

4. Next is to use your streamers. Cut them in a variety of sizes of your choosing. You will add a glue at the end of one streamer and attach it from the inside of the lantern. You continue doing so until it is filled.

These are ready to hang on a tree or decorate around the porch/patio. Remember these are paper so water can ruin them. Also you can embellish them with stickers or glitter its really up to you how you want them customized. 

On to the next project! 
The things you'll need to make your 'Independence Day Stars" are the same materials from the previous project. 

:::How to a Make the Stars:::
1. First you will drizzle glue all over your paper. 

2. Then have your child place the streamers on the glue portions of the paper. There is no exact placement. 

3. Once the glue is dried you will draw out a star on the back of your project. This will give you direction of cutting a star shape. Again this great practice if your child is learning how to cut with scissors. 

4. Last thing to do is to hole punch on of the star's end and add ribbon to hang . 

5. You are now ready for the 4th of July! Such a simple craft. Your child will be so proud displaying it around the house. 

I hope you enjoyed this project! I apologize for the angle of the video. I currently don't own a tripod but hopefully soon I will :) 

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