Surprise You Are A Mom !: DIY Birthday Banner With PicMonkey (Despicable Me Theme)


Sunday, August 24, 2014

DIY Birthday Banner With PicMonkey (Despicable Me Theme)

Today I am bring you another DIY using PicMonkey! Like I said in my previous video/post I am not sponsored by PicMonkey. I just like using their site for editing videos, creating collages and much more. 
The purpose of DIY-ing (don't really think that's a word lol) is to customize my party gear. The Despicable Me Party supplies that I found at the party store were very boyish to me so I decided to create my own.

If you need inspiration for a Despicable Me Theme Party, I have a Pinterest board below that you can check out.

Even if you are not doing a Despicable Me theme you can customize it for any occasion or theme. PicMonkey is a great site to create to your hearts content. Be advise there is a free version and a paid version of PicMonkey. The option that I am using today is the free version. The paid version just provides a larger selection of options. It's completely up to you if you want to make the purchase. 
If you used PicMonkey then comment down below! If you created something with PicMonkey please share it down below too! Or if it is just to say hi. I love hearing from you! :D

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