Surprise You Are A Mom !: DIY Despicable Me Invitations Using Pic Monkey


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DIY Despicable Me Invitations Using Pic Monkey

Like any parent, I plan maybe a year to a few months in advance my daughter's birthday. I always try to make it special. After all she was a huge surprise for us three years ago! (Time sure flies!)
I look through Pinterest and Etsy for inspiration. If you need inspiration I have a board dedicated to Birthday Ideas: Despicable Me
Follow Maritza's board Birthday Ideas - Despicable Me on Pinterest.
I absolutely love Etsy but sometimes those customized invites can become pricey. Don't get me wrong I truly support small businesses but sometimes your budget can become play a factor in your purchases.

So I want to show you how to create these DIY Despicable Me using PicMonkey.
I've used PicMonkey for editing picture, collages, birthday/holiday invites and much more.
If you have experience with Photoshop then you can use that software. But I've never used Photoshop nor do I have it on my computer. So the next best option is PicMonkey!
You don't necessarily have to make a despicable me theme. You can get creative and make multiple themes to your liking. This is just a great guideline to start.

Have you used PicMonkey before? What do you use it for? Love hearing from you so comment down below :)
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