Surprise You Are A Mom !: Cherry Blow Dry Bar {Review}


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cherry Blow Dry Bar {Review}

I want to thank Cherry Blow Dry Bar for inviting me to experience their salon.
Before I looked into the company, I was a bit confused by the concept. 
A salon that specializes on blow outs? 
But as I looked into it and experience it myself I am actually sold on it.

First off the place is gorgeous! It had a modern/glam feel to it. 
The staff were so friendly and offered me champagne.

I didn't have to wait long till I met with my hairstylist, Thalina. 
She was amazing! I would highly recommend her if you are in the Winter Park location.
Throughout the whole experience she was friendly, sweet and patient. After all she was dealing with my over the shoulder length hair. (yeah my hair is pretty long!) 
That day I had to bring my daughter with me. But it wasn't an issue with the salon. They actually enjoyed talking to Jinx. One of the hairstylist even changed the music to Disney songs just for her. They were extremely sweet!
The first thing my hairstylist and I spoke about was the look that I wanted her to achieve. She showed me their LookBook that had a variety of styles. They do braided hair, curls, and much more. 
I chose Big and Bouncy. 

I was really excited to see Thalina work her magic!
With every blow out you must start with a great wash. This is included with the $35 price for every blowout. And it doesn't matter what length of hair you have. I know if I would of gone somewhere else this would of easily cost me $100 and wouldn't have the same experience either.
 As Thalina was washing my hair I asked her what kind of shampoo was she using on my hair cause it smells so good!
She told me that it was KEVIN.MURPHY which all of the hair products are sulphate free, paraben free and cruelty free. And they only use KEVIN.MURPHY in their salon. 
Next time that I'm at Cherry Blow Dry Bar I'll definitely will be purchasing some of their products.

All their KEVIN.MURPHY products are located on the bar which is the workstation too!
While Thalina was working on my hair we were having a conversation. I wondered if anyone asked for a unique blowout style. She said 'no not yet' with a laugh but majority of people love the big and bouncy look. But she doesn't mind stepping up for a challenge anytime. 

She also gave me advice if I were in a rush and still wanted to do blow out that I could wash my hair at home and come straight here to Cherry Blow Dry Bar. This is great for those in a hurry. 
Before I knew it Thalina was done.

Absolutely love how it turned out!

What do you guys think? 
I see myself coming back to Cherry Blow Dry Bar for sure! 
It's a great way to pamper oneself for a special occasion, interview or your senior year photoshoot.
You can bring your bridal party, have a girls night, or a mother daughter date here too!
The only negative thing I have to say about this location of Cherry Blow Dry Bar is it's parking situation. It can be crowded due to Trader Joe's being in the same plaza. But the upside is that on Saturdays they provide complimentary valet. 
Cherry Blow Dry Bar are slowly popping up throughout the country so check out if one is near you. Would love to hear about your experience and see a picture of your end results! 

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