Surprise You Are A Mom !: Give Kids The World Village- Blogger Bash!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Give Kids The World Village- Blogger Bash!

First off I want to thank Mom It Forward, Sunshine Baker and Annie from Annie A to Z for inviting me to the Give Kids The World Village- Blogger Bash! 
I've lived in Central Florida for over 5 years and I've personally never heard of Give Kids The World Village before. I was surprise to find this place in the middle of all the Central Florida attractions. 

You might be asking yourself: What is Give Kids The World Village?
It is a non-profit organization that give the ability for families with children (between ages 3-18) that have a life threatening illness to stay here to experience Central Florida. These families are treated to a cost-free vacation to our local attractions. In my opinion  Give Kids The World Village go beyond than just a resort. They provide whimsical villas, transportation meals and much more.
This place is more than a resort for families that come to stay but the ability to have as close to a carefree vacation as they can. 

Entering Give Kids The World Village it felt so fun, happy, magical. I even wanted to stay here! 
You see all these "storybook" references like the Gingerbread House Restaurant  and a carousel under a giant mushroom.  They even have a place called "Ice Cream Palace" which families can get ice cream at anytime! I could just imagine that most of the kids that stay here have taken advantage of this. I know I would of !

Recently Extreme Village Makeover came to Give Kids The World Village and gave their villas a complete make over! I got to see one of the villas that they renovated. It's absolutely beautiful and accommodating for family with wheelchairs such as large bathroom space and a washer and dry for their laundry. 

That's Emily Ellyn from Retro Rad Diva! 
One of the speakers at the event was Emily Ellyn from the Retro Rad Diva. She plays a big part for Give Kids The World Village cause of her influence by spreading the word of this place. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a picture with her cause she was talking to some kids and I didn't want to interrupt. 
One thing that surprised me while visiting is that even though they do appreciate the donations but what they value more is spreading the word about Give Kids The World Village. There are times they have so much space for potential families that they always want them filled. They truly want help families. 

I was so inspired from the visit that I hope in the future to volunteer or even run a 5k for them! 
If you are in the Central Florida area and would like to volunteer then click here for more information

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might already know that I finally met Annie from Annie A to Z! Go check out her lifestyle blog. It's pretty awesome :) 

Thank you for watching/reading. I encourage you to spread the word :)