Surprise You Are A Mom !: Cupcakes, Cateyes, & Cocktails: Mad Men Edition {Event}


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cupcakes, Cateyes, & Cocktails: Mad Men Edition {Event}

A few weeks ago I was invited for a Mad Men inspired event. Any reason to dress up is okay on my book! I love the mad men era fashion besides the roaring 20's (which is my absolutely favorite era)
The event was held at SEE Eyewear in Winter Park, FL
They have a large variety of eyewear of any style from Mad Men inspired to modern trends. 

All of us got a chance to try on a few specs. Kelly's (Sea World Mommy) glasses coordinated perfectly with her outfit! She looked like she came off from a scene of Mad Men.

Photo Op with Kelly & Annie!
The main reason of this event is for Dr Kimberly Voss, author of  'Mad Men & Working Women', to share a bit about her book. I've always been intrigued by feminism and how it correlates with women's fashion/motherhood/work that changed over the years. Especially during 1950-60's with a shift of women in the workplace after the war. Dr. Voss spoke about what it meant to be a women in the workforce during that time. 

She also touch base on how rare it would of been for someone like Joan (from the tv show Mad Men) to have the power to hire, fire and make company purchasing decisions as a secretary manager during that time. Another way for women to have power was to sell Avon or Tupperware. It was perfect way at the time to earn income without threatening the male structure. In the book it goes more into depth about motherhood like the characters Joan or Peggy and fashion such as the "divided skirt" which is known as pants. 
 Listening to Dr. Voss speak about her book was not only eye opening but a great reminder how far women have come. Like I said before I've always been drawn to feminism and I can't wait to read this book! 

I had the pleasure to hang out with Food Network star Emily Ellyn
She whipped up some delicious cocktails.
Emily makes them pretty strong so watch out! Even though they were tad bit strong it was still tasty. 

Not only did she made these delicious drink creations but also made this Butternut Squash Soup that was so yummy! It had a nice kick that surprised me. Talking to Emily she said what gave it that nice kick was the Thai sweet chili sauce. She explained how easy to was to make this soup. She has inspired me to make this soup for Thanksgiving! I can't wait to share it with my family this holiday. 

Speaking about food! 
Gigi's Cupcakes were hit at the event. And it went will with an Onli Beverage.
I wish I lived closer to Gigi's Cupcakes cause they were heavenly! If you are in the Orlando area I would highly recommend this place.

Of course we got meet knew people at this event!
I had the pleasure of meeting Karen. She is a flight attendant, loves to travel, run and blog. 

I can not forget to mention our mini photo shoot! Thanks to Macbeth Photography into making this event a little bit fun for us girls! 
The pictures came out gorgeous! 
All the ladies look beautiful!
Photos by Macbeth Photography
It was so much fun attending this event. I'm so thankful that Sunshine Baker invited me. Glad that I was able to glam up a bit and not be a mommy for a bit. I think every mom should get dolled up once in a while. 

Thanks so much for reading!
I love hearing from you! <3
Comment down below what's your favorite era? Mines is the 1920's.