Surprise You Are A Mom !: Family Visiting & Historic Downtown Kissimmee {Vlog}


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Family Visiting & Historic Downtown Kissimmee {Vlog}

This week was a slow week for us. 
We created our DIY Halloween Wreath, ran a few normal errands and we had family over for the weekend.

We were going to go to Not So Scary Halloween but we had some impromptu home improvement things to deal with. A portion of our grass needed to be redone. It contained mainly weeds. If we wait any longer then it could of taken over the other portion of the front yard and cost us double of what we are paying now. 
Therefore ,Not So Scary Halloween will have to wait till next year. 
Hopefully by then Jinx can cherish those memories more since she will be older.
While Brother-in-law, Tito, and his family went to Disney we stayed with Lulu, their dog. We wish could of gone but the house's condition is more valuable in the long run. 
Lulu is a smaller dog but man can she bark really loud!
Moxxi of course wanted to play but Lulu was not having it. 
I tried to capture Lulu chasing Moxxi around the house but every time I turn on my camera they stop. 
Do your pets do that too?

I love surprises!
My husband surprised me with a tripod! Yay!
Now I can angle my camera when recording and maybe even start doing some scrapbook process videos. I am way behind my project life/scrapbook.
On Saturday my sister, Crisveth,  came over to visit for the day with her friends. I've known her friends for as long as I can remember. They absolutely love Jinx. She always enjoys their company.
I was surprised that she noticed that one of Crisveth's friends, Veronica, wasn't there.

That's my sister next to random Art piece in Historic Downtown Kissimmee
We later went to Historic Downtown Kissimmee. We were surprise that most of the shops were closed by 3-4 pm on a Saturday. 
But there were a select few stores that were open such as Lyndee's Bakery and English Tea Shoppe, L'oveMARvelous Art Gallery, and a few antique stores. 
We were told that there was a Fall Festival a few blocks away near Lake Toho. We stopped by for a bit a played in the park and collected a few candies there.

Before we knew it our weekend was over. 
Made us a bit sad that our family members had to leave but we hope to see them soon.
I hope you had a great weekend ! Did you do anything exciting?
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