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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Minted. Wishlist

Is it too early to start thinking about the holidays ?
I think not!
From the time it hits October till December it's my favorite time of year. 
We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
Candy corn, turkey, presents and many more to look forward to. 
But there are also a few things in between that we have to do as well. 
Like creating Christmas cards, decorating the home and organizing yourself for all the family to come over for the holidays. 

Minted. approached me to create a wishlist from their website.
(There will be a product review in the future thanks to Minted.)
I have to say I'm a sucker for any stationary products. They provide stunning and exclusive assortment of holiday cards, planners/journals, invitations and much more that are sourced through their global community of indie designers
This will be our first Christmas in our new house in which I want to make sure that we sent out our first Christmas cards. We would love to do a Christmas photo shoot soon but we will see. 
I found a handful of potential Christmas cards that I love and wanted to share with you. 
There are pages and pages worth of holiday cards and other holiday products that you can check out on their website

As of lately I've been really into watercolors and I love the look of the watercolor affect of this card.

The next one I really love the font and that it is in French. My husband's family speaks mainly French/Creole and this would be perfect to send them for Christmas.

This last one is my favorite one out of the three. The fact that this converts into an ornament is amazing! I love having items that have more than one use for them. 

As I mentioned at the beginning they also have planners/journals that you can purchase so you start off the new year right! 
I came across this planner I fell in love with the simplicity of the design and of course the colors. If you can't tell from my blog these are basically my current favorite colors. The day planner can be personalized and contains 2 sticker sheets to get you organize.  

Besides Christmas Cards, wedding invitations, business cards and planners they do have an Art Marketplace. They sell a large variety of art prints from their community of indie artists.
I really love abstract art and this one I really want for my home! 
Each print comes in a variety of sizes and has an option to frame it too. 
The next one reminded me of my sister since she loves to go to NYC but I then realized that it's the skyline of Philly. Either way I still love it.
I will be providing a follow up post of the products that I will purchase thanks to Minted. 
So stay tune for that.
Have you started planning your Christmas/Thanksgiving? 
What are you looking forward for the holidays? Is it the turkey? Gifts?
Comment down below! 
I love hearing from you :)